Interceptor or Bomber

For new players we continually stress getting into interceptors. The reason is to get people used to engaging and not hiding(cloaking).  Before you run at full speed you have to walk and the skill learned in a ‘ceptor’ will make you a better pilot in the long run.

This does three things:

  1. It gets new players used to actually getting into the fight.
  2. It provides something that many larger ships cannot do ( holding the enemy ship)
  3. Some of the best scouts in the game are the fast interceptors
  4. It takes very LITTLE time to train for Interceptors.

Getting people used to charging into the foray is critical.  If a pilot hesitates at engaging they will die. Training people to get in close (20 KM) to the enemy with a small inexpensive ship again is a key point.  Too many times people want to scout in a cloaked ship rather than engage in a fight. Overcoming the desire to survive to actually engage is the first hurdle.

Working together with other pilots is also critical.  The service that tacklers provide is critical without tacklers your fleet will not be able to pin the enemy down.  A good tackler is worth their weight in ISK.  If you have ever been in a fleet and needed some good tacklers ( and didn’t have them you will know what I mean)

Training for an interceptor for a new character with the learning skills is 20D 21H. If you use standard skills ( without learning) you are talking 32D 20H 36s. Granted Navigation skills should be trained as well as guns kills but they can be trained to a degree while you start to learn you ship,  (“point” first guns second) breaks my normal advice but seriously how much DPS you going to get out of a ‘ceptor’ ( except the Taranis) with 3 guns.

The skills set I used includes: T2 Warp disruptors, T2 Overdrive Injectors:

Skill list

  • Hull upgrades
  • Propulsion Jamming
  • Long Range Targeting
  • Afterburners
  • High speed maneuvering
  • Mechanic
  • Evasive maneuvering
  • Interceptors ~ Aprox $900,000
  • Minmatar Frigate

Here is the fit ( no I did not add the T2 guns)  Guns are not the primary mission of a ‘tackler’ the Warp disruptor/ Scrambler is)

[Stiletto, test]

250mm Light Prototype I Siege Cannon
200mm Light Prototype I Automatic Cannon

Warp Disruptor II
Sensor Booster II
Warp Scrambler II
1MN MicroWarpdrive II

2x Overdrive Injector System II
Nanofiber Internal Structure II

2x Small Auxiliary Thrusters I

so 20D and you can fly a fully fitted claw or Stiletto ( as an example)

A Bomber on the other hand has three things going against it that may matter to a new player:

  1. They cost more to buy and to fit
  2. They hold 3 bombs
  3. They take a much LONGER time to train for
  4. The skills you need for an interceptor can also be used for a bomber

The skills needed for  a bomber are some of the same skills for a Interceptor + you will have to pay  15M just for the extra skills, (which is almost the cost of 1/2 the hull) Not only that but bombers only have space for 3 bombs, maybe 4 which limits your usefulness in longer engagement + bombs hurt your friends as well as any enemies.

The Time needed to train for a bomber without learning skills is 57D 6H 20M, with learning skills 33D 22H 38M

Skill list for the bomber

  • Missile Launcher Operations
  • Bombardment
  • Bomb Launcher operation   $7.2M
  • Electronics
  • Cloaking    $3.1M
  • Hull upgrades * same as Inty
  • Afterburner * same as Inty
  • High Speed maneuvering * same as Inty
  • Target Painting
  • Mechanic
  • Electronic Upgrades
  • Covert Ops  $3.6M
  • Minmatar frigate

The long and the short:

Interceptors a 900K skill plus the 20D needed to sit in one(or 32 D with no learning skills)  (not using it till nav skills get better, but test flights and dogfights against corp-mates would be fine.)

Bombers 15M in skills plus the 33D needed to just sit in the ship ( or 57D without training skills) Again not flying it till navigation skills and other related skills improved to at least level 3-4.


Train both but train interceptors first to get exposed to tackling, then train bombers. you will save extra time, gain good skills and always be able to fall back from a bomber to a very needed ship.

~ by Manasiv5 on July 28, 2010.

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  1. I’ve only been playing EVE for a few weeks, and I’ve been wondering how to get into null-sec. This is obviously the answer. I’m moving slowly and just finishing up the advanced combat tutorial, but I hope to be in a real corp soon.

    Quick question: how long does 3M skill points take? I’m at 1.4 (and about to lose that handy 100% bonus…).

  2. Great, great post. This is the kind of thing I'm wondering about in terms of joining a PVP corp; I'll train up interceptors and at least one of my characters will stop being a carebear :).

  3. I’d have to agree but we also need to remember that frigs do the trick also when it comes to tackle training. Not they aren’t as good as ceptors but you fly them immediately and depending on skills it take a few hours to get web and disrupter. But this gives them something to work towards and is something that is used in almost every if not every fleet. So good read!

    • Most alliance will not take rookie pilots ( those with less than 30 days) so the ida was within the 30 day window you can fly and actually practice the interceptor role.

  4. This is always my advice to new players interested in PvP as well, get into a Ceptor as fast as possible. First of all they are always needed. Secondly they teach you how to think fast, engage and work with a team. And thirdly, the skill set needed will be of use to you no matter what ship you fly. THose Nav skills are important even in a Battleship.

  5. This is good advice- I've got enough SP to take off my training wheels and get into the world of T2 hulls. I've been training towards Covert Ops, but I'll definitely have to reconsider adjusting my skill queue to include Interceptors…

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