The "core" of EvE

Destruction is the core mechanic in EvE.  Whether mining (rock evaporates when you have mined it out) or Running missions ( destroying the enemies within the mission) or Whether PvP’ing (purty explosions of other peoples ships) EvE is about Destruction, even the industrialists would have little to create without rampant, wonton, heart pounding, blood rushing through you ears, destruction POS come under attack, systems are sieged, guns are arrayed.  Everything about EVE is destruction personified. Or it used to be.

Planetary Interaction, where exactly is the destruction here?  Reduction in capacity I see, the promise of destruction with DUST 514.  Still no destruction from PI, as of yet.

Incarna, where is the destruction here?  Who knows.  For the denizens of EVE aside from destruction the only thing I can think of that will draw these players inside a station ( beyond the initial novelty, which might be intriguing) is sex, but the we risk the “second life” in space syndrome.  As much as I like both these things ( being a guy after all I do know the true nature of men, and a few unabashed women) sex and destruction, I play a game to blow stuff up.  Not to go hide in a station and have virtual sex with some pixels on a  screen. So, what else is going to draw me?  No, there will be no combat.  Do not get me wrong I like architecture, and the various other things there might be to see. I would love to see ships undocking from a spaceport too.  I just do not know what the hell else I would do in a station.  Will Incarna let me setup a shop to sell stuff to more people?  exactly which stations can we go in with 7000 systems (give or take) and just 2 station per system, means 14,000 stations divided by 60,000 users mean it will be like exploring a ghost town of some sort.  If EVERYONE in eve during peak concurrence all go to 1 station that will mean 4 people per station (and this is just rough math) One concern is that it will be in Empire space and there is simply no reason for me to ever go there.  Occasionally I will grab skill I do not have or something but what else would be the draw?

DUST 514 will require a console, I do not like, nor generally play console games, I like the more strategic/ tactical thinking and while this IS destruction, because it is on a console I won’t play it.

Surely the Environment in EVE is going to change.  Then scope of the change is the only unknown. How those changes will affect the EvE environment we can only guess.

~ by Manasiv5 on July 29, 2010.

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  1. Part of the justification for PI and Incarna is that it's one of CCP's stated goals to make eve a full sci-fi simulator. Both add entirely new areas of the game. The trouble is, when we get given an expansion we want it to have content built for now, rather than as a staging area for future content.

    For example, apocrypha. One of the most popular expansions it had something for everyone and all of that content was available at release. Wheras Tyrannis focused more on future content than content at release. PI was a precursor to dust, and evegate is a prototype for something much more than out of game evemail. Neither had the leel of conten found in previous expansions, just a note reading "Hey eve players. This is the devs. Content is on the way, promise!"

    So to wrench this on topic, the destruction is coming. We just ned to be patient and pray CCP doesnt have another episode of ADD and get distracted by some other shiney idea. We don't know what CCP have planned, but I hope you'll agree thepotential os huge. Once we have avatars, anything at all could happen. We might step out of our pods and find ourselves face to face with a.knight askong us if wexwant to go raiding Kor'azor with his guild that just needs a tank…no wait…

    You see my point? Anything could happen. So lets nkt judge the worth of an expansion and its susequent..erm…expansions? until we have a better idea of what they actually are.

  2. Destruction is a huge part of eve gameplay but at the same time creation plays a similar role, so in many ways could be just as important. Not just talking about creation of ships to blow up, but the creation of communities, corps, forums, blogs, pictures, movies, and in general all the relationships that people share in a game like this. Destruction is a motivator to bring different people together and strech the limits of the game and create something for themselves.

    I can understand PI on a “we need stuff to kill in DUST.” motion, but I can’t understand Incarna at all. Ever since they started talking about it I wasn’t a huge supporter, but it seemed like everyone else was. I guess I am looking forward to seeing all these girls in skin-tight, possibly see-through clothing, but in the end it is just going to be like City of Heroes, lots of “the same” looking players despite the 40000 possible combinations.

    As for change, EvE always changes, for better or worse.

  3. I have mixed emotions on this issue. I strongly agree that the new shinies are very "un eve" but I know they will help me talk my friends into playing more easily. So my great hope is that CCP realizes they have plenty of work to do on the "old" stuff and hire more people for the new shinies (i'm free 🙂

  4. As I understand the plans for Dust514, combat can take place on planets in EVE upon which PI installations exist. Resident PI installations can be attacked by ground troops.

    Thus, if someone encroaches on “my” planet and starts harvesting resources I deem to be mine and building with them, I can send in a squadron of ground pounders to remove the offending installations. I assume you can see the strategic implications here as well.

    I believe the ultimate goal is real-time interaction between spacers and grunts on the ground. In that case, I assume spacers would be required to pilot drop-ships in order to get troops to their targets. I think ground attack ships have been discussed, as well as AA weapons the Dust514 players can fire at the ships of their EVE counterparts.

    Incarna strikes me as the first step toward station-based combat – a similar integration between EVE and Dust514 in which, to take a station, you must reduce its defenses via ships, and then send in the space marines to secure the station. The station, meanwhile, might deploy its own security force to hold the station against said Marines.

    If they do implement station combat, be sure to keep a shotgun behind the bar.

    That, I believe, is CCP’s ultimate goal. Multiple fully integrated combat venues. This cut being the first step.

  5. destruction is one of the major parts of eve but i think CCP is possibly trying to balance it out slightly with PI but as for Incarna its possibly trying to get players to socialize more with each other. Instead of grinding missions, mining or pvping you could sit down in a bar and play some mini games or just enjoy the station surroundings but thats just my thoughts 🙂

  6. I’ve been thinking about new incarna centric skills. what could I imagine training for that would be useful? espionage or the like is one possible path. is combat totally out of the question?

  7. We destroy POS fuels when I dump them like coal into the glowing hot furnace at the core of every POS. Not as purty, I agree. I also destroy the tendons and nerve endings in my index finger when I clickity-click-click to create PI crap, does that count?

    Nice post m8. I have yet to meet anyone who can give me a good reason to be excited about Incarna. The only reason (not good) I've heard is "sweet, it'll be just like WoW!". yay

    @Dirk, unless those bars can get me drunk in RL, I don't have a reason to visit them in spaceship land. Local works just fine.

  8. PI lures ships to low sec, thus ups the destruction.

    And in regards to Incarna, I sure hope that only a fraction of stations will allow for social gathering spots. Only 2-3 bars in a low sec region will be a boon for the game. Having 5 in every system will be useless.

  9. Echoing part of what Kirith said. With PI, we clearly see the links to destruction, even if you can't destroy the structures at this time. Market trading has no destruction per se (other than minor ISK sinks) but it certainly does lubricate the flow of ISK and goods, providing immediate capital to (say) mission runners for their looted meta 4 modules so they don't have to deal with managing a bunch of sell orders.

    That said, while I'm a huge proponent of Incarna for a number of reasons, I wholeheartedly agree that we need more communication from CCP about Incarna's actual content. I see how it can draw in a bunch of new subscribers, but we need meat to keep them here. SecWars and strip clubs can't be all it's about… can it?

  10. I think your initial premise is flawed. Destruction is not THE core mechanic in Eve. Its a prominent one, and important one to be sure, but the yin to its yang is Construction. Building ships and modules, towers, outposts, Sovereignty, friends, allies, coalitions, empires. You need construction to have something to destroy (and tools to destroy with) and you need destruction to make room for more constructs. The circle of Eve life I suppose.

    Since Incarna and PI add to the construction side of the equation, it must be balanced on the destruction side of the equation at some point in time. I believe the equation will balance itself whether we or CCP like the results or not.

    • I agree that without the builders we would have nothing but if nothing was ever destroyed the reason to build would not exist.

  11. All good questions. To date I haven't heard a single reason to be excited about Incarna, and I'd like to hear just one. What is the point? Yes it looks interesting, and it sure beats spinning my ship, but after the first few minutes, what then? From the little they've shown us it looks like there will be bars, the Minmatar one in the demo has a XXX sign, so I imagine a bunch of avatars jumping up and down and yelling "PENIS" for hours. That isn't my idea of an interesting expansion.

    I seriously doubt CCP would allocate the resources if they didn't have a point… right? Like I said, I wait to hear one. Perhaps I need to be in the station to hire the DUST people to attack my enemies PI? That doesn't make sense, since we've all seen just how worthless (in general) PI is strategically. Especially in zero space, it really holds no strategic value at all.

    I dunno. I enjoy console games myself from time to time, always have. And I am anxious to get a crack at DUST, to see if it is any good or not. But Incarna remains a mystery. A mystery that is taking significant resources away from Eve. I hope it's worth it.

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