Back…just in time it seems

I am back from my vacation.  Quite  a relaxing time. thank goodness.  Looks like things are going to be heating up in EVE, ( normally the end of August/September things really get rolling and quite hectic) I have not plugged into all the  intel channels yet, and am trying to unpack etc…but I’ll be back up to full speed in no time.

When I left ( July 31st) I read that CK stepped down from listing his blog in the “pack”.  HELL it was his creation as far as I was concerned so he could do with it what he worries brother I will still visit ya.

I will add the newer members to the pack ( as I have done in the past) and make sure to visit their blogs with some regularity.

There was someone (I mentioned in my last blog) who was taking pot shots at me in their own blog. Seeing as how that blog is no longer working though, no worries. A single voice yelling in the darkness is just… noise.

It seems there still is no promised Dev blog with the standard excuse ( probably believable) that they(Dev’s) are on vacation. It seems as if Upper management at CCP had heard our concerns, we shall have to wait and see sadly to see what( if anything, yes even after vacation I am cynical) will happen.

I will update folks as I can once I get on this evening.

~Take care till next time.


~ by Manasiv5 on August 8, 2010.

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  1. Welcome back. I just restarted my blog…it's fugly right now, but I'll be tweaking the bells/whistles as time permits. I just returned from GENCON and posted a bit about the discussion I had there with CCP Manifest.

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