First for those of you whom ever flew with or against a pilot known as Evil Pookie (Burn Eden Corp), he passed away.  It was quite sudden apparently and we can only wish his friends and corpmates the best.  I flew against him once or twice ( black ops battleships were his thing) and I am sure he will be missed.

Wheels grind on it seems.

As with past summers, Particularly late July/Early August can often be dull at times.  Things in EVE seem to ebb and flow.

The Dreadnought I wish to fly is almost within reach.  A Revelation of all things.  Not quite the biggest tank of the Dreads but certainly one hell of a mean punch.  I eagerly anticipate this ship.

Systematic-Chaos continues to do well, bringing in some very good Corps as of late.

Sadly, Planetary Interaction (PI)  has really kind of dwindled, we shall have to wait and see what more they will add to it. As it stands right now I almost cannot be bothered to click click click 40 times for something, but we have a project in the works so hopefully there will be something in the end to come of PI.

It seems that Rettic of the Chronofile is taking his leave.  Fair winds and following seas.

It also seems my version of the blogpack had missed some people from a previous update, for those I missed you have my apologies.

Take Care all and Good Hunting.

~ by Manasiv5 on August 9, 2010.

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