Tripe, Drivel & Goodness

Tripe The second definition please…


Got those two definitions down?  Good.

A post over at Ten Ton Hammer  needs to be “corrected”.  Having those two definitions above may  prove useful.

Some points are downright false.  Post is here: it is titled “The Nine laws of Power in EVE Online.”

Law #9 is not totally hair brained except this “The task at hand must be completed, or at least it should be someone else’s fault when it fails.”  Bullshit, stand up say you screwed up and take it like a man, blaming others for your ineptitude makes you in the end seem what you are, a weasel.

#8 is a gem, again I am quoting here ” Don’t make any friend that you can’t screw over to win at EVE Online.” If you want a way of play that will screw you over?  Take this advice.  I would have absolutely NOTHING were it not for my Corp Ceptacemia.  Without them I’d have stopped playing 2 years ago. In addition to that, having stayed with my corp through wins and losses shows that I am loyal to both the IDEA that is a corp (something greater than ones self) and the FUNCTION that is the corp ( we are only as strong as our weakest link, help build your corp-mates up )  In other words solo play will kill ya but flying with a good group of people not only gets you monetary ISK but guards against losses, there is no downside to a good corp.  Screw your corp  over at your peril, it is a great way to stop playing.

Law #7 also seems decent until “When something goes wrong for you, do not “own” the failure by apologizing for it or otherwise admitting that you are at fault. To do so would be showing weakness in a way that people subconsciously understand to be incompetence.”  Again, STAND UP AND BE COUNTED.  No, do not scream it fro the rooftops that you made a foolish mistake but damn bro your only human. Own it and learn from it.

As is number 5 Fame Is Better Than Money” to quote the bottom of the article “If your personal brand is popular enough, you will eventually be incorporated into the leadership of whatever organization you associate with. Bet on it.” This is Drivel, the ONLY thing I have gotten by being “well known”, I do not qualify for famous I think, is targetted.  When fighting Brick Squad I was targeted, When fighting Goons, I was targeted, with fighting C0ven and Stain Empire I was again targeted.SO all I have gotten for being famous?  Shot at. Not one penny not one nothing ( no complaints, just needed to be said)

The 1st Law, according to the article is: “#1 Trust No One” I understand the thinking but I used a modified one        “Trust but verify” I trust my new corpmates will do the right thing but we still limit how much they can take.  I give my account to no one, yet other directors can call me to reach me.  In the end, it takes time, time for those you fly with to know your not a thief, trust can always be abused but just because I trust me friend, does not mean I will lay down $5,000, my two 10MM Beretta’s, turn over the key to my Car, and my house, and tell them please be quiet my wife is sleeping naked in the next room. Trust but verify.


Back in April/March I talked about the system I use.  Recently I have undergone a”upgrade” if you will.  No longer do I ahve a 22 inch monitor on the left and a 23 inch monitor on my right now I have 3 X 19″ in a triple head to go setup + my 23″ monitor above them

Crude picture:

The field of view is Astounding.  Just incredible to behold.  It took some time to get all the pieces together (It is also  one of the reasons I have not had a ton of time to get into the game recently)  Yes I know there are some better solutions to doing things ( i.e. 3 X 22″ monitors done the same way ) but remember I have a wife and a house so PC parts must be done as inexpensively as I can ( the whole setup cost me $100 cash from a  friend) so all in all not a bad deal)


Sign up for the damn Deathrace will ya?  Rixx could use some players to sign-up, the prizes so far seem awesome.  & people though?  As one of the “Magnificent 7” I am telling you to get your ass in gear and sign up already. See post here:

Take care all and Good Hunting.

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8 Responses to “Tripe, Drivel & Goodness”

  1. I shall go to Ten Ton Hammer and excoriate them!

    First of all, I've already debunked Law #8.

    As I've amply documented ( CVA has amply demonstrated, TTH's law #8 is paleolithic eve-play. It hit the dustbin when Dominion's new sovereignty rules came online.

    Law #5? Please.

    Though I am a luminary in the pantheon of EVE theoreticians, providing thoughtful analysis in lucid yet daring prose, I remain a humble capsuleer. Famous though I am, the EVE community has respected my need to stand apart from the fray.

    Despite my vast influence, no offers of lucrative director positions, or invitations to SirMolle's annual barbecue have come my way. Integrity. It's what we're all about.

    No – Rule #5 is so far below drivel, it can't even shine drivel's shoes.

  2. What do you have powering all that? (What is your PC build?)

  3. NIce setup. Are you getting one picture stretched across all those screens or using them to multi-box?

  4. Your setup looks awesome. Take a photo and post an actual pic though please!

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