Intel is still good

Hey all just thought I’d echo what few others said about the CCP dev blogs, go check em out as they are actually answering questions and such.

Yes they do not know what the exact problem is, but they are trying to work on it.  Hell at least they are trying to do something.

There is a way to actually view only the dev responses to the forums, it is done ina simple easy RSS feed, which I can honestly say, kicks ass.  I do care what other players write about…BUT I really care on what the Dev’s write.  The RSS feed I use is quite useful for that, I am looking at how to share that feed out.


Corp recruitment has gone fairly well, although there are some unusual trends I have seen.

  • People have a hard time with 10M to 15 Skill Point requirement.
  • Still people do not train interceptors
  • Players are STILL afraid to lose ships
  • Players once they join are nervous about actually asking questions.
  • Some people wont give API keys out.

Skill Points: This is a direct measure of three things, their commitment to the game, their newness versus someone who is creating and alt, and lastly the ability to actually help our corp.  We fly interceptors, battleships with T2 Large Rails/Beams/Projectiles, and Heavy Assault Cruisers ( also with T2 weaponry.  Having 10-15M SP shows us that a pilot knows how to plan, has the mental fortitude, and the maturity to stay the course.

Interceptors teach people via loss, close combat and hones the ever present desire for people that know how to properly “point’ a ship.  They are relatively easy to replace, and in fleets the longer ranged “points” are especially useful.

As mentioned above people are stuck in the mindset that losing ships in and of itself is a failure.  Yes needlessly losing your ship is not a good tactic, but being able to commit to a fight ( realizing you’ll probably lose your ship), and yet still commit to a fight anyways is critical. There is more to EVE combat that just your single ship, by all means use whatever tactic you can to survive and come back and do it over again but I’d rather lose 1 interceptor that say, one damnation command ship.

For some reason , perhaps it is the snarky comments , perhaps the ” I do not want to look like an idiot, or I do not want to be called a “noob”, people seem unwilling to ask questions while in corp chat.  Hell I’d rather you ask in corp chat, and a few laugh than ask in fleet voice coms, “umm what’s a point?”.  We who have been in this game can remember what it is like hop in a ship and NOT know the answer to something.

If you will not give out your API key ( for validation mind you) do not even bother to join an Corporation/ Alliance.  Most want to at least be diligent about protection both Corp and Alliance assets ( this includes making sure no blatant spies abound) no you cannot protect against all, but you can be diligent and make sure those you let in are at least smart enough to have spies on a  different account.


Thanks for the nice comments about my rig at home for gaming.  Makes me feel good that I could put the whole thing together for about $900.

Yes, it was originally for a flight sim setup comzik, I just bought it for the extra screen real estate it allows…Yes I did buy it from my buddy for $100( it is nice to have friends).  Mynxee no need to be jealous I don’t have kids and I am the only mule, so you must have done alright :). Crazykinux, also no need to be jealous you have what 3 clones now?  Sheesh  man only has so much time bro 🙂

I do not normally talk about OS’s etc but the following works VERY well:

  • Windows 7 64 bit FTW baby
  • 6 GB of DDR3 RAM,
  • 2 500 GB 7200 RPM caviar Black  hard drive ( striped for speed), and now
  • 4 monitors soon I will control all the silo’s, umm I mean soon i will watch less pr0n, nvm that for now.

Good Hunting.

~ by Manasiv5 on August 18, 2010.

7 Responses to “Intel is still good”

  1. Manasi, your Interceptor advice never ceases to inspire me. You are the reason behind my most recent post:

    @Steve M.: That is my name, too!

  2. Is there training sessions for the new people? Adopt a pilot mentoring? small goals? lol not to treat them like kids but some people just won't ask questions in school. This is somewhat similar to that situation.

    • Actually there is NOT a ton of training. That's one of the reasons we want someone with 10M 15M SP, frankly we don't have a ton of time to train new people in the basics. IN the past I HAVE greatly recommended people to EvE Uni. Their former CEO/Director was a good guy, and even after the change I still do recommend them at times.

  3. Agree that you should send low-sp chars to eve-uni (or some other noob training type corp).

    If they don't give out APIs, that should be a huge red flag. My corp requires full APIs, and uses them to check for suspicious activity. If you don't have things that are stealable, it's probably less of a concern.

    Intys aren't a long train — maybe offer people one (or a couple, possibly fitted since they're cheap to fit) if they train the skill? We pay people to train POS gunnery…

    Nice setup, btw.

  4. Win7 sucks !! 🙂

  5. I still believe that bravery and commitment to your fleet is important, maybe that comes from having flown ceptors for so long. Just this week I lost a Daredevil diving into a fight to save my Corp mates, when I knew I'd probably be primaried for doing so. It worked and I did explode, but everyone else got away. There is more to a fight than who won and who lost, and when I look back over the last two years – those are the fights I remember the most.

  6. Send the "noobs" to E-UNI! I joined the Uni soon after I started playing, and have learned a TON about EVE. It's a little easier for people to ask questions about a "point" there, and Uni fleets are great training grounds for getting yourself blown up in a cheap tackler frig 😉

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