You will laugh at this

Our CEO, and all around decent guy ( shh don’t tell him I told you that) is fond of photo shopping stuff.
Here is his Pièce de résistance

Just some notes:

  1. I do not know who the Hi sec cop is…
  2. This is yet another reason not to go to low sec ( although Mynxee is a good draw, for those brave enough to live there) Another warning to guy’s do not wear the tight “nut huggers” see middle pic for why…
  3. I do not know where they came up with my name, nor do I wish to know, we are  normally very twisted( in our TS channel there is a warning that states ” if you are offended by racial slurs ( of all types) ethic slurs, potty mouthed humor, unkindness in language, or have sensitive ears ( small children) please do no come in channel, you ahve been warned” …and yes that is my photo-shopped head.   Nitro is our PvP Director, and one hell of a good pilot, and well Carl is “Don” Tremura 🙂 Missing from the Picture is “gramps” Moordor, Victor “the steel hand” Gixxer , and the ever elusive “sneaky pete” Luxo. All exceptional pilots, and good people of exceptional caliber.

Yes i know not my normal stuff here but I been swamped at work.

~ by Manasiv5 on August 20, 2010.

9 Responses to “You will laugh at this”

  1. LOL, Mule…why do you think we kill everything in Low Sec? Middle picture demonstrates that the gene pool needs frequent cleaning… 😉

  2. Your post back in July (The Core of Eve) got me thinking of the impact of Incarna on New Eden. I've done a little story on the worst case scenario. Here's the scary part – female players are loving the idea of "project Runway meets the EVE sandbox". Your feedback requested.

  3. This is old. Very old.

  4. Ref Middle Picture – "Dear Mynxee, I'm afraid there is now absolutely no way you can make low-sec attractive. Ever."

  5. Augh! My eyes! Bad, evil middle picture!

  6. so your CEO took a picture that's been around for years, added a head and 3 lines of text to it… Photoshop pro.

  7. Not what I expected but I did laugh! I'm not sure I'll be able to go into low-sec again without thinking of that middle picture, so thanks for that.

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