My Deathrace 2010 results

Deathrace 2010 was held over this last weekend.  What a really fun event.  Gratz to Rixx Javixx I had a blast!  OK so I did not Die…rule number 1 …..survive. Check.

I did not win…1st place…turns out I was in 12th place.  Respectable but hardly what I was looking for.

Ship setup:

[Stiletto, eat my dust]

250mm Light ‘Jolt’ Artillery I_2
250mm Light ‘Jolt’ Artillery I_2
Salvager I_0

Gistii B-Type 1MN Afterburner_1
Gistii B-Type 1MN MicroWarpdrive_2
Caldari Navy Small Shield Extender_2
Caldari Navy Small Shield Extender_2

Micro Auxiliary Power Core I_2
Inertia Stabilizers II_2
Domination Overdrive Injector_2

Small Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer I_2
Small Low Friction Nozzle Joints I_2

Cost  Approximately 220 M.

The route was from Assah [Derelik Region] ->via mid point –> to Misaba [Providence] through the R3 gate.

It was a quick trip.

1st 2 jumps were bubbled. SO I overheated the MWD and got the hell out of dodge.  94 KM from the second gate was one HELL of a long way to go but at 6730 m/s it didn’t take nearly as long as I thought.

I did not notice a single other racer, all i noticed was the neutrals sitting at the gate.  I burned in a jumped.

Sadly I was NOT fit with Hyperspatial optimizer II’s,  very few things can I NOT fit and this was one of them.

plus I should have had 2 of them not just 1 ( the winner used 2)

When I hit the mid point I had a glitch. Screaming into it I was insistent ( along with some others) on knowing the next waypoint.  ( it was Misaba) I thought I added it as a way point but must have clicked away as I hit Misaba and stopped for about 3 seconds.  Realizing I did nto have the right destination left I punched in Misaaba again and hit destination while aligning to the gate and I was off screaming down the pipes.

Sigh one lil 3 second mistake,  😦 Plus not having the extra rig  to go 21.20 AU/s…  cost me the race.  Persephone did well and should be congratulated.  Keeping your head cool while 94 KM away from a gate isn’t always easy…not to mention the Friendlies there trying to say HI.

Rixx as I expected it was Excellent fun and I had a blast doing it.  Had I picked from, my other ships I would have chosen the Rapier but I was glad with the Stiletto.  The Claw did not offer a double propulsion, so I did not go with it. Excellent fun and thanks a ton for doing it.

P.S. Moving away from the race was a bitch I got caught by a camp and lost my ship AND my training clone + implants.. I had no intel and no way home so such is life. Easy come…easy go.

~ by Manasiv5 on August 24, 2010.

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  1. This sounds like it was a lot of fun. Going to have to plan on the next one. As an aside I'm enjoying your blog Manasi – lots of good info you've got here.

  2. Eat my space-dust Manasi!
    11th place in my considerably cheaper-fit stiletto*, and on my way home I killed a random stealth bomber too:

    *Same rigs, 150 ACIIs, mwd2/MSE/EM resistance amp/disruptor II, nano/MAPC/DCUII

    It couldn't warp as fast as Persephone's but I thought it had a much better chance of surviving the smart bombing battleship camp I was sure we'd inevitably jump into. There's never one when you need one though 🙂

    • Well done number 11 🙂 I should have gone with the hyper-spatial optimization II's 🙂 Gratz on the finish I was so much in a "tunnel" i was ignoring all else.

  3. I saw your death mail headed home m8, sorry about that. I tried to keep the first one simple mostly to avoid any complications that might have hurt the enjoyment, to make sure everything was in place and that (mostly) anyone would be interested in racing in the first place. 75 registrations and 60 shows is pretty good for the first time.

    Next time the race will be longer, deadlier with a few new surprises thrown in. I also won't make the same mistakes mentioned on my post this morning. But I'm sure we'll all make new ones instead.

    Thanks for racing!

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