Farewell .-A-. ?

SO it seems that Triple A .-A-. has fallen on some hard times.  Since the beginning of August they have lost 5 corps :

Dark Knights of Deneb Dark Knights of Deneb DKOD 26
Ausbruch Ausbruch NIXOT 11
0utbreak 0utbreak TOXIN 123
Military Arena Combat Evolution Military Arena Combat Evolution MACEM 5
Rionnag Alba Rionnag Alba R A 164
Body Count Inc. Body Count Inc. BDCI 206

At about the beginning of the month their main leader stepped down I believe.

Having flown a great deal with -A- I was dismayed a bit when they set SyS-K to neutral a few months back and sided with C0ven and Stain empire against us. We had done a HUGE amount of rapid response style fighting for them over the years and it felt like a stab in the back to be honest. None the less they had some good pilots amongst them so I could not loathe them nearly like I do c0ven or SE. ( I say loathe in the in-game sense as if I met anyone else who played EVE i’d buy em a drink 🙂 )

They have also transferred ownership of at least 26 stations.  Needless to say I do not know if .-A-. will be around or not but I can only wish em well and hope they pull it together!

On another note my provider (Lonetrek) has switched hands.  The guy who owned it lost his job and he was good bloke so I stepped up and tried to send some business his way, turns out he needed a real job ( doesn’t everyone wish they could live  the life of a ISP owner?..I do not 🙂  Still I will miss ya bro and can only wish you the best in your future endeavors.)

In game I would counsel EVERY corp to do background checks on people.  I have had some dealings of late with Corps that just “take all comers” those corps are destined to fail in huge way.  I can recommend the accVIEW website as one such tool. http://accview.mmmetrics.co.uk/

No it is not the only tool for sure.  Directors/ CEO’s can list out their own corp members/locations etc from the API…it can be a useful tool.

~ by Manasiv5 on August 27, 2010.

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  1. Goons seem to be retrenching in the North. Stay tuned???

  2. Interesting the changes that have happened since Dominion. It will continue to be interesting to see how everything shakes out, but it is hard to believe so much has changed in such a short time. What like 8 months or so?

    Speaking personally I'd enjoy seeing -A- bite the big one, much as I enjoyed watching U'K suffer some – but speaking as a player watching the "big" picture I have to agree with Cebit. The scattering of Atlas and the continuing domination of the carebear NC worries me. Although, one might be led to believe that new Eve cannot long support any power blocks, much less two. Eventually we may have a universe full of smaller alliances built on mutual associations and rental agreements – which wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing.

  3. sorry for the spelling :-(, written under some serious alckohol influence…

  4. However it may go, i hope the south holds together long enough to fight off this norther push south. Not part off 0.0 for over a year now, but still keeping myself somewhat updated and one of the thibgs would hate most to d´see is all those northerb faggots with the help of some russians and the bitter PL to own the rest of the map.
    Only my point ofc, but still believe we atkleast need 3-4 blocks instead of the current 2 to hold atleast some kind off balance in the 0.0 sphere

  5. FYI, I posted about a site I stumbled across that appaears to give relatively unbiased information on nullsec politics:


    So far, there has been seom good reports of Atlas's demise.

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