Going to be an interesting fall

SO things have really heated up, VERY quickly.

Atlas it seems capitulated to PL as Mr. Atlas, bobby, was AFK from some reports.  Seems as if Atlas could not put up enough of a defense, I never wish Alliances poorly but some were miffed inside SyS-K that Atlas set us neutral when .-A-. did their reset, I hold no illusions, such is life.  Seems as if .-A-. will hang on a bit, I expected to see the SOV map change but it didn’t, we shall see what comes to pass.

Huge weekend for me, I added  another 20 kills or so, in various different ships, from the Minmatar Broadsword, to the Vagabond and yes. wait for it..I purchased my Revelation.  Now for those needed implants, any thoughts would be welcome as I know capacitor is life to these monstrous beasts.  We shall certainly see what we might find. Getting ready to crack 700 kills soon, boy I can remember when I had 15…

With .-A-. slightly bloodied, Atlas reeling from the surrender, who knows what will happen in the rest of the South. ROL is still around and certainly a force to be reckoned with…

Fall is a busy time in EVE to be sure people are back from vacation, plans made over the summer are kicked into high gear, lots and lots of tumult and chaos to be found. We shall handle is systematically… 🙂


Gratz to Myxnee for joining the VETO corp along with Shae Tiann, both are excellent Pirates by reputation and hopefully will serve VETO for a distinguished amount of time.


Anyone who feels like posting  rev fit, your welcome to do so, my Rev pilot will remain nameless for security sake but will be rounding out current training with Dreadnought to 4 and Tactical reconfiguration to 4 as well, with Jump Drive Calibration skill to 5 I will hopefully be able to take advantage of the extra range it might afford me 🙂

Not as large an update as I normally do but work is very busy ATM, so you gotta live with what I can do in shorter amounts of time.

~ by Manasiv5 on August 31, 2010.

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  1. Oh and this:


  2. Rixx has an interesting convo about Bobby et al. linked from his site:


  3. Mind, the surrender news appears to be genuine – and not surprising given Bobby's exit from the stage. The remaining Atlas leadership needs the breathing room to restructure – hard to do while fighting a war.

    They have lost members since the end of hostilities, which isn't surprising given circumstances. However they seem resistant to the usual full-blown failscade that usually runs on the heels of a military loss of this sort.

    Often the greatest test of an alliance isn't how they manage their victories, but how they handle defeat. This is where we'll find out what Atlas is truly made of.

  4. The rumor I'm hearing is that Atlas paid off PL with Titans, but that's probably also untrue. I just wanted to keep it going since it amuses me.

  5. At last check Atlas had pulled back into Omist – it simply didn't have the wherewithal to defend multiple regions, and RUS/PL's "Hit them where Bobby ain't" tactics were taking a toll. Atlas' member count is surprisingly stable given the recent reversals. So I'd be careful about rushing Atlas' obit to press.

    • meh..wasn't really an Obit per se…just kind of some random thoughts about them..scuttlebut mostly…thanks for the clarification Mord!

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