So far so good

busy busy busy…whew.  Been in a f ew fights ended up the last three days in August by killing more stuff that in the last week of July and the 1st 3 weeks in August.  So we ended with a bang 🙂

Mord wrote that I should not have counted Atlas out  and honestly I was not trying to till I read the Bobby Atlas rant.  I would be mad too if things just exploded but honestly this is where SyS-K was about 6 months ago when Liam became ill, and then stopped logging in.  The pressure of dealing with stuff every day and feeling like you are forced to login is a tough road for anyone.  That decision is made even harder as time wears on.  Like I said before we shall see what happens with Atlas and company, I won’t kick em when their down even though they didn’t do shit to lift a finger for us in Esoteria, no bitterness, just a fact..  Meh… what goes around comes around, still I hope they will emerge again from the ruin that is teh former powerhouse Atlas.

I get to meet another of my corp tomorrow night in DC, so that should prove fun.  I have flown with lots of people and the ones that stick in my head are the ones I actually get to meet.

The spammers seem to have taken an int-rest lately to trying to comment on the blog.  some are quite hilarious and if I get a minute I’ll post some more to make fun of these idiotic bastards.

I have to thank Kirith Kodachi IIRC, for the “battle for wesnoth” …that damned little game has taken on a life of it’s own.  Damn you for introducing me to it. Damn you I say!

I hope everyone has  good weekend and gets out of the way of Hurricane Earl” if you live in it’s path, sucks for the beach folks…do not worry there will be other days to go to the beach.

More on Alliance stuff when a get a few extra moments.

Apologies for not commenting more on others people’s blogs I just been SLAMMED with work lately.

TC and Good Hunting

~ by Manasiv5 on September 3, 2010.

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  1. I'm hoping I get a chance to meet up with some local folks as well in October. Not necessarily corpmates but local EVE players. If Atlas is hands off, is it okay to pile on HYDRA instead?

  2. Yep, Battle of Wesnoth was my fault. Had to pass the fun along 🙂

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