No more room at the Hotel

Yes indeed, after quite a few months recruiting ( aside from some in the pipeline)  we are shutting recruiting down. All the folks that were interested or curious, thanks for your time.  I hope the Hotel elsewhere has some vacancies 🙂

Some good fights recently specifically Friday night and Monday night.  I was out of game on Friday and Saturday. SO far we have pounded into Dust the Drake/ RR Scimitar fleets overcoming the Alpha of 10-15 Tempests is very tough to do.

Looking at the influence map does indeed show a new corp arising from Atlas it woudl seem. White Noise it would seem, has a reconstituted Atlas..  I have zero contacts within Atlas, so we shall see what comes to pass with them.

I was remiss last week with commenting on other people’s blogs so for that I do offer a humble apology, normally I try to peruse some and see if any new ideas spring to life.

I would like to offer, for your consideration whether or not to faction fit a Dread.  As long as the modules are not too costly I do not see the need to actively avoid it, but was wondering what the consensus was out there?

  • One camp ( the one I am leaning to right now) says there are no amount of modules that will prevent it (a Dread) from being blown to pieces by a POS gunner/ or any Enemy Fleet if they feel like engaging it.
  • The other camp is one of try as best possible to protect the largest most expensive ship I own from dieing.

Hopefully losing it will not be a result of it’s maiden voyage but meh…do not fly what your not willing to lose. No risk , no rewards, no guts no glory and all that 🙂

broke 700 kills with manasi, something I have been striving to do for a very long time.  With greater responsibilities within the Alliance and the Corp my playtime has certainly taken a major hit, and things slowed very much this summer, but enough about that…

Oh and for you other Alliance folks do you maintain a “black” list, a list of people that are unwelcome not wanted etc within your Alliance/ Corporation?  Just curious.

TC and Good Hunting…


~ by Manasiv5 on September 7, 2010.

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  1. I used to maintain a personal "black list" of those pilots that have personally wronged me in some way, but I trashed the idea about 10 months ago. I realized that it didn't mean anything, not to me and certainly not to anyone else. If the corp or alliance do it, I dunno. I know there are people I don't trust, for good reason. In fact recently we were considering an alliance until we discovered their origins, which came from backstabbing an alliance I used to belong to – needless to say we didn't go any further down that road. So what goes around comes around, even in Eve.

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