Imagination skill at 6!

Wollari, creator, designer and coder of Dotlan maps has one hell of an excellent tool that he added to the arsenal.


You ever tried to coordinate different groups of people that need to know tactical battle information? Holy Cow do I have a nice tool for you.


Try it out I think you will find it REALLY useful.

Not too tough to use.  Powerful, simple in design, elegant in it’s scale…hot damn!  Wollari my hat is off to you, if in FanFest this year ( grr god damn 2011)  I promise to buy you a drink or two.

No he didn’t pay me a damn cent to say that, I used it last night in a Black ops Jump we did to harass some folks. Talk about a good imagination, well done bro.


We punished  fail fit Taranis, a  Drake, and a third victim.  Most people know my feelings about Drakes, I do not hide the fact that I REALLY do not like them and yell at any CEPTA guys that bring that piece of crap.  DO they have a use?  Yes, is that use in PvP?  No, not in my opinion.

Anyways we black ops jumped to irritate some folks and it worked quite well.


In terms of Corporation Security I have been thinking that I am excessively paranoid. My brain trys to come up with some reason to allow me to believe folks but, sadly, that does not seem to be the case all that often.  For the most part,  I think people are lying to me , which I loathe more than you can even imagine.  My only advice… stand up and be counted, even if you terribly wrong… I will at LEAST admire your conviction and sticking to your guns.  My thinking is that I am just a bit too cynical as of late so I will see if I can take the cynicism notch down a peg or two, we shall see how that goes.

I do not enjoy being a mean ass bastard and at times I ahve been called the Iron hand in  the velvet glove.  That is a new part of my personality as to most people I meet I go out of my way to be kind etc…might just be EVE getting to me.  Either that or I am becoming more grouchy as I age.

Oh and a thought if you want to join a PvP alliance have a damned killboard.


Work seems to be moving forward for testing the lag fixes that CCP has done.  In other news it would seem that Massively got a good scoop on the upcoming expansion, Avatar redesign, fighting off invaders all over, do you think for one GOD DAMNED second that will umm perhaps give us a new ship? I can only hope so but we shall see.  After their grand design reveal at last years FanFest, (yes I paid attention and watched every single bit of info that I could) This EvE gate things better hit critical mass damned fast or they will be screwed.  Oh yea maybe DUST, whatever good that might be to a non-console gamer, maybe they will fix the damned click fest with PI.

Let me know your thoughts I am always interested in hearing them.

TC and Good Hunting

~ by Manasiv5 on September 8, 2010.

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  1. About the "new ship" issue:
    Do you have any faith in the design contest held at DeviantArt for a new Eve ship? I do actually, just curious to see wether it becomes a normal one everyone can build and use, or one of those unique alliance tournament price ships.

  2. I dropped an idea to Wollari about making the Radar (in IGB) auto-refresh so that it follows your ship. He added that feature in mere hours, and then expanded the whole thing for the latest features.

    Got an idea for him? Try it out, he might even be able to improve on it before you've had time to really feel proud of yourself!

  3. Of course there will be a new ship for AVATAR – don't you recall the fashion configuration for the strategic cruiser in "Fashionista"?

  4. It me again Margaret.

    Interestingly enough, it looks like Drakes are your most effective ships at getting in on killmails in CEPTA.


  5. Thoughts

    1) Radar is cool. Anything coming out of Wollari has just been sweet. CCP should send him a check for just making their game more playable.

    B) You are not the only one who tends to be skittish about corporate/alliance security. It only takes getting burned once to really make you wish you could trust people. Things like honest conversations and real information are both necessary and essential if there is going to be any level of trust. We in WHEN are a fairly laid back corporation and I would tend to still call us paranoid [though that might have something to do with living in a wormhole for an extended period of time.

    Keep reminding yourself that there are pilots out there who ARE out to get you. Relieving you of a couple billion in assets hurts just as much as losing a carrier or dread.

    III) Woo. Fixes in lag. See me peeing my pants in anticipation of the next patch. Oh, wait, no, that's just fear they are going to screw something else up. Their next expansion would best be titled "Redux" where they go back and fix 7 years of accumulated crap [UI, half-done "features", lag, mechanics, etc].

    #) In light of sites like and battleclinic, player kills should be fairly easy to check, no?

    v) I just wanted to use a fifth section. I'll say something like – I like Green Drakes & HAM.

    Mrs. Fin from J135543

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