Welcome to the deep end

I agree with EVE SOB in his post: http://evesob.blogspot.com/2010/09/ebb-and-flow.html Eve is more a shoreline than a sandbox.

There are some immutable laws that cannot be changed 0.0 space, low sec space and high sec space.

In Hi security space there are lifeguard ( Concord) that will attempt to help AFTER you get in trouble, the ability to GET into trouble is still there.  The topography is shallow and sometimes you can find a few things vaualable buried in the sand if you dig deep enough.

Low sec is the breakers.  A rough place to be sure.  Entering into breakers you know there is something there, but till you get there you cannot see you can only imagine it. Currents are strong, sometimes there is no wave sometimes there is a massive tsunami

0.0 is the deeper water off the shore.  Yes even those of us who live in the deep water get wistfull for something, and may venture back through the breakers to hang on the shore.

Location where we live in EVE is critical to a players Point of view.  If yo get in trouble in the breakers (low sec) you will get rolled over and pumeled.  If you get into trouble in 0.0 you will simply drown.

it takes effort to move between these areas where we live, travel in packs, or covert if that is your thing but it takes time to do such things.

No it is not a perfect anology but a VERY good one.  Great job EVE SOB!

I prefer deep water as the guys I hang with are a great group, without whom I woudl have absolutely nothing. Incidentally the clone I lost in the Deathrace was an original one that had a full set of +4’s given to me by my corp.

Those of us in the “deep water” keep saying “brave the breakers and come visit”, it is nice to make your own rules and who needs lifeguards. Yes some people do get derisive to those that dwell on the shore, whatever they wanna hang out there that’s fine, they just do not know what they are missing.

~ by Manasiv5 on September 13, 2010.

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  1. Most wonderful people have achieved their best success just 1 step beyond his or her biggest failure

  2. Sounds good! And low-sec pirates are the jelly fish floating just off shore, ready to sting you. Those people on shore still have to be careful cuz occasionally they wash up and sting.

  3. BAH – 0.0 is like the Love Boat. You are all out there drinking, partying and trying to remember who you shot at last night.


  4. Glad you liked it. It was a quick though that I just jotted down. 0.0 changes like an estuary with large forces coming to bear over time. I agree though, life in 0.0 can be like ocean sailing where it's you and a close nit group doing your thing day in day out without much hassle.

    Cheers and thanks for the linkage.



  5. Carrying the analogy further … if 0.0 is deep water off the shore, then w-space is being out so far that you can't see land.

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