always some new discovery

There is always something new to discover in EVE.  Lately it has been how good, and how nasty people can be.  I have been ‘pinch hittting’ with our diplo core as of late and I have to say that it both frustrates the hell out of me AND it can be exciting.  Diplo work exciting, well umm sure, ok not the actual work of doing it but I like meeting folks ( if you didn’t know I was an extrovert you do now) Needless to say I have been involved with a couple really cool meetings with some excellent folks and some not so excellent.

I am convinced that some people just like screwing shit up, while others like fixing the screw ups.  The remainder is decent folks who are just trying to have fun or better said trying to organize the fun to make it MORE fun.

Deep 0.0 has it’s trials and tribulations to be sure.  Not quite as remote as WH space none the less, if your not of an independent mindset your screwed form the get go.

One of the great things that 0.0. does is weed out the incompetent people, they just cannot take it.  Either the pressure, the inability to think on one’s feet or the inability to motivate people.

lately a former corp that joined the Alliance earned our ire at times by saying ” I flew with XX fleet” ( insert your most prized fleet in the XX area)  I responded by saying well your an Ex-member so what did you do wrong, and if they were so good why leave?

So yes I have been dealing with the great the good the bad and the ugly. Just not all at once.

Oh and I buddy lent me his nightmare for ratting…holy cow but that things is a phenomenal ratting ship.

I’ll update you all when the information is no longer classified šŸ™‚

TC and good hunting!

~ by Manasiv5 on September 16, 2010.

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  1. “always some new discoveryâ€Ā
    there is always a new discovery with eve. Only the other day i realized i could have 5 different tabs in the overview! i was blown away before that it had to have everything loaded in one or swap them on the go and sometimes thats just not practical.
    Also a month or so ago i figured out how to re position my targets, i was so excited, i tried putting it in all sorts of different places… and then changed it back to the default which was so much easier although that might just be because im used to it that way?

    fly safe,
    Serenity One

  2. Glad you like it bro šŸ™‚ Told you its worth it

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