RR Shield gangs, RR Armor gangs

SO it seems that these typws of fleets are the FOTM (flavor of the month) yes SyS-k has been runnign some of these, and I so much prefer the Armor over the shield.  No, not simply because I loathe the Drake  in it’s limited PVP applications, nor is it the fact that I would rather fly my Guardian over my Scimitar or the Basilisk.  Certainly these fleets proliferate as they all stand a much better chance of fighting again, if your in one of these types of fleets.  My problem is their DPS is of two different varieties as is the performance IMO.

In Shield fleets, (typically Drakes and Scimitars) the DPS is not an instantly applied phenomenon, more often there is a substantial delay (5-10 seconds) from launch to impact.  Once the highest level of DPS is achieved it is basically a flat line, and if you can overcome that DPS number you’ve won. Granted, Logistic ships play a HUGE role here. This is a little slower paced fight as you see whether or not the scimitars can stay on top of the shields or whether things are gonna die. I just really think these fights are slower than the Zealot fleets(see blow)

In Armor fleets ( typicaly with Zealots, Guardians, and Onerios ) you get a Massive punch UP front, which then plateaus into a more stable number.  There is no initial delay, there is instant on full bore carnage. For that reason alone I like the Zealot fleets they do massive DPS, and provided the logistics pilots are really on their “A” game you can reasonably expect to come home alive.  I like carnage and destruction and I like it RIGHT NOW. NO I do not want to wait for 40 bazillion missiles to impact someone.  I Like the fact that I might die horribly and quickly rather than through missile fire.

Granted I have flown in both ( and no not in a Drake)

Perhaps it is the idea that I have spent countless months and days training for Armor logistics, and Armor skills, and the various other skill you want in Armor fleets and now some people want to fly Drakes.  Once I stopped mission running I have never as far as I can remember, sat in a  drake again, nor do I wish to.  Perhaps it is that most new players feel SAFE in a  Drake, perhaps I just like to see things go boom ( especially if it is a Shield fleet and I am in an Armor fleet)

NO no graphs or things like that just reasonably sound ideas based on what I’ve seen and done over the last few months, not a surprise for most who know me.  Lets hope we do 10X more Armor fleets than Shield ones.


The new information about the Incursion expansion seems good, Incarna coming in next summer, lots of things people have been asking for except the following:

/steps on soapbox

When in the hell will CCP get off it’s collective ass and fix the damn Roles/Titles crap that is CRITICAL to the way that Corps ( and Alliances are run) It is the MOST archaic, non intuitive system EVER designed.  Corporation Management needs and Overhaul as does Alliance management.  These things should be simplified not made so god damned complex that you need a friggin PHD to even understand them.  Want to know why Corp thievery is so prevalent?  The god damned roles need to organize a corp are so frigging convoluted that many just do not even bother with it.

/steps off soapbox

CSM folks:  Mynxee,  Teadaze,  and all the others keep up the good job ladies and gentlemen you do us proud.

TC all and Good hunting

” Ships in harbor are safe, but that is not what a ship is designed to do, be BOLD,  and leave harbor for  the world “

~ by Manasiv5 on September 24, 2010.

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