Excellent Cap fight

This weekend I was able to hop onto the test server and play around a bit.

Xeross was there and recorded it so if you want videos etc go see his stuff.  My Capital pilot is there in her Revelation.  One thing I was amazed o at is the lack of Focus fire for team Y, we were team X( attackers)  We did some group warping around and lots of too and fro but in the end the last little piece was the Big fight at the end.

A couple notes if you prepping to go there:

  1. the Singularity tool is excellent.  The old way of copying files and moving stuff around was a laborious process that if done incorrectly woudl FUBAR your working install, yet  this great tool did nothing of the sort.   It takes some time ( mine was almost 3.5 hours in downloading the data, so do not expect instant result.  Oh and it REALLY bogs down the system when downloading/ applying the update.  DO it some evening and then go to sleep when you wake up all will be in readiness.
  2. You damn well better join the chat channels : MassTesting/ MassQuestions.  Too many people were absolutely clueless as to what to do, and why was that? Because they did not read.  Unlike the old days with the test server once you join particular channels things happen. Moving happens by joining particular channels, as does joining fleets.

You could tell the guys doing the testing were looking at several things, spamming the jump button versus not spamming it etc.  There were some add results jumping into the new system with a capital, I would jump in and the Emergency Warp away, this was fixed in the second test.

Lag was certainly to be seen but the fleet fight was not terribly bad. Yes you had to click off the icon of the gun a few times to get it to stop firing,but aside from some initial lag at the beginning of the fight, the fight began in earnest with an ISD member calling the shots.

Damn what  A LONG fight too.

The Revelation kicks ass.

I realized that this ship has massive damage potential but holy cow.  With a good target caller and focused Fire stuff just started melting.  Not that the Enemy fleet didn’t try but while I was in siege I had no real issues with tanking the damage.  I also forgot (do’h)that people cannot rep while in siege. Also due to the fact that this was the test server, there was no point in disengaging. 2 Titans 2 SC, and about 25 Dreads died to our fleet.  Granted, I could not keep a tally as everything I had was concentrated on making sure that the enemies called were locked.  Our target caller was not on voice communications so someone had to relay names, “yurstinkypoo”, was butchered beyond imagining, but calling targets did not cease.  Then we were done. Wrecks littered the field.  I am not sure how to Sub-cap fleet did but the extra two titans may have tipped the scales a  little bit , but meh no worries, all in all one of the most fun fights ever!

TC and good hunting , an remember READ the information people 🙂

~ by Manasiv5 on September 27, 2010.

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  1. yep as AFAIK they are just like most things are you just have to have the skill to fly em a always.

  2. Sounds like a nice way to cheek out capital fights with easily replaced ships. Are capitals 100 iSK on Sisi too?

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