Alliance Life?

A great post about low sec got me thinking, what do people think being in an Alliance is like?

Well I can tell you what it is not.

  • It is not a good thing to AFK for 2 weeks.  Alliance moves seem slow but at times things can fall apart REALLY fast. Being AFK for two weeks simply says ” I do not care about holding this space or protecting my  corp-mates”.
  • You damned well better fight.  If you do not want to fight, leave Alliances now and do everyone a favor, we only hold what space we can fight AND hold.
  • It IS a good place to make money. I have never had a problem with earning more cash while in an Alliance. One of the great benefits to living in your own systems is that you can upgrade them so that more Anomalies spawn (constantly) better and more Ore belts recycle every three days, and more Wormholes etc ( if that is your thing) plus the tactical things that make life here so simple ( Jump bridges, Cyno beacons, Stations ) in addition to that many industrious people also take advantage of a Captive market to sell to people.
  • It IS ‘safer’ that either high security or low security space.  you control access to the space, you can run the others off you do not like, you can put up bubbles and other things that make coming into space a difficult thing to do.  No your not “safe”, but if you want safe do not play EvE.
  • Politics does come into play, you have people who are Allied with you (LR/ ROL/ IT) and those Allied against you, a.k.a.   people who will stab you in the back ( SE/ c0ven/ .-A-.) ignoring politics will NOT make it go away it will just get you infiltrated and killed.

What it is

  • A group of pilots that will all fight WITH you.  Most of the Corps that have joined SYS-K fight and fight well, trust is a slow thing yet I can say that I trust that when push comes to shove they will stand up and fight.
  • I would fly with any other major corp within SYS-K except that I like CEPTA guys, bantering with them is FUN, you ever need something and ask someone always steps up. Knowing there are 90 others that have your back SIMPLY because you wear the CEPTA tag is a phenomenal thing.
  • Knowing that 1300 others will come with you into battle is a reassuring thing, brotherhood in SYS-K is not UN-common, I’ve never been more proud than to wear the SYS-k tag.
  • I love massive fleets, I have been part of  some of the largest fights in EVE, and what makes them majestic is the fact that it is DIFFICULT to coordinate 10 people much less 200, but when they ARE coordinated they can eliminate ANYTHING.  Slogging it out through a fight that takes 25 minutes is simply exhilarating.
  • Being a small “gear’ within the SYS-k machine may not appeal to all but when that machine is humming along it is a awesome thing.

Granted there is a lot more to this but it hits the nail on the death I think.  Let me know your thoughts if you would be so kind.

~ by Manasiv5 on October 1, 2010.

3 Responses to “Alliance Life?”

  1. Bumped into some of you guys the other night, sadly we were in the completely wrong ships at the moment and your alliance m8s got the best of my alliance m8s. I did almost kill one of you in a Drake, but not enough people came to help. Oh well, next time then.

    We had some fun making fun of each other in local though.

  2. The more you write about big alliance life, the more I think "better him than me!" I am happy that you found your niche though; I'm in no way bashing that play style, I'm just not into seeing my ship as a single pixel within thousands.

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