CCP …Step up

Hey all for those who are unaware, capsuleer is going bye bye.


See this link:

or this link in the EVE-online forums :

Check out Nashh’s petition

EVE is CCP’s property if you want to use EVE to make money ( sell for cash in the App store on I-tunes ) you MUST have a valid license, which CCP apparently did not/would not give.

It is just a shitty piece of news to be honest, MANY people have read this blog  via capsuleer and the fact that CCP is responsible for shutting it down, or at least culpable it pathetic.

Hell I would have paid $2,$3 even, $5 dollars for the app to keep it running but they cannot even collect the money people. What god damned crying shame.

Maybe now I can haz my prize Roc…hmmmm?  Nothing but love for what PyjamaSam and Roc Wieler  were able to do.  My personal best wishes to both of you.


Oh and Mr. Czech Lion, I have really really good idea who you are, Mr. spy we have within SYS-K. Those unfamiliar with him check out kugutsumen or better his REALLY well done site I applaud the idea behind the site I just wish that SYS-K only e-mails were not leaked verbatim.  No I’m not gonna do anything nasty people,  it is a game, and  a very fun one at that.  Props again to the site.


In an Alliance as big as ours decisions have to be made ( every day it seems) some decisions we like, some we don’t but as a guy that is able to give his opinion openly and freely I can say to the SYS-K council well done job fellas.  Putting out the fire, while the house was being bombed, evacuation of all assets and people  from Esoteria to Period Basis was a long and grueling process.  In the end a 3500 man alliance had been reduced to a mere 500 or so.  The ability to take that hit and keep going shows that you folks who remained were a tough crew, and I can only salute you.

I wished that many of the decisions could be shared with my readers as they give some keen insight into the makeup of the Alliance I am proud to fly with.  See Item number 2 as to why I have been unable to do so.


I will be a Security Conference Thurs/ Friday so we may not have a post till Saturday.  Hang tight till then

~ by Manasiv5 on October 6, 2010.

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  1. What's the point of an API if you can't build a product around it. CCP should look to twitter for building a proper eco-system..

  2. It's not really the end of the issue, though, is it?

    CCP is squelching one of the most widely used third party applications that actually costs the developers money to distribute and update. CCP needs to just license the use of their data streams for third party vendors that want to offer useful products to the subscribers of EVE.

  3. The problem from CCP's point of view is that from the beginning and to this day, all 3rd party development is done by the community for the community. Roc and co wanted a buisness relationship. CCP did not want to create two separate classes of 3rd party developers. Those with and those without a business relationship. End of issue.

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