Less busy than expected

I had a good no, great weekend  outside of EVE involving two other EVE pilots that I have flown with for 2 and a half years.  3 of our Directors met in Baltimore MD, and had lunch and chatted about stuff and just had a good time.  Weather was nice, and with Mrs. manasi not in attendance the “sights” ( it is quite rude while in any woman’s company{especially a spouse} to look or gawk at other attractive women but without my wife with me I could look) were seen to be sure. People are never what I seem to expect but the wry humor, straight forward talking and decent food ( aside from the not so excellent pizza) plus walking around on a WWII sub with these two was fun.

Next time I will have to travel to the city of brotherly love and visit the castle du v54.

In game news I saw the interview about micro transactions which I personally find irritating, not to mention is slide EVE further into the “same as other MMO’s category” which I find Highly irritating.  I have played other MMO’s and well I like and play ONLY EvE.  SO trying to make EvE more like other MMO’s irritates me, we shall see how far down THAT line CCP will travel.

CSM heads to Iceland for a surprise mini summit ( which I think is a damned good thing) so I wish all of them well and hope the meetings are fruitful.

30 Billion dollar Paladin loss, THAT will hurt.  A lot. As in emo rage quit time.

If you think your having a bad day, imagine a 30B loss!

TC all and good hunting!

~ by Manasiv5 on October 11, 2010.

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  1. 1.) Aha, that's where everybody was!! Weren't you guys supposed to be cleaning Stain with Capitals? 🙂 Did you go to the Inner Harbor area for lunch? I remember that area (and the "sights") quite fondly.

    2.) The dude who lst the Bling-Pally says he doesn't even care. I don't know which is worse.

    3.) I think CCP has a pretty good idea about what makes EvE different, which is not to say it will not incorporate some features from other MMOs.

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