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The last week or so has seen many elements of SYS-K ( Systematic-Chaos) fighting in Stain.  The why’s while interesting, are not for general information.

SYS-K has had history with the Stain region, indeed back in 2008 we actually started there.  I hate the stain region.  Mainly I hate it due to the fact that it is NPC space.  I’ve never been able to run missions there and those who know me also know I do not run missions anymore.  It is just a personal thing is all.  If your a mission runner good on ya.  I just do not for a myriad of reasons enjoy NPC space.

The benefit to the Stain area is that you can certainly get some fighting.  Fighting solves everything is the CEPTA creed.  That and Everyone fights. Period.  No exceptions if you do not fight  GTFO.  We do not want ya around. ( doesn’t mean that we enjoy losing pilots that no longer wish to fight, just that it Really is that important)

Those who evaluate killboards know, or come to realize, that after a while they just do NOT tell the whole story.  They do not take Scouts or Logistics into account, nor do they take into account people that log into their capital but do not engage in it.  They do not take into account Carriers who rep things or the like.  All these other things count towards being prepared.  Honestly without scouts and logistics fighting would be impossible at times.   Those that hop into dedicated scouting craft KNOW they will not get on a kill. Similarly those that hop into a logistics ship ALSO know they will not get on a kill.  Yet we still continue to measure people by number of kills.

What I am looking for is a way to measure participation levels.

I know that some larger alliances use tools to help them track participation but thy seem to be tough to find.  If you know of any tools out there to help track participation in fleets etc, please let me know.  It does no have to be a program, although I am open to that.  If it is using an in-game tool I am open to that as well, I would just like ideas if you good folks could spare any.

TC all and good hunting.

~ by Manasiv5 on October 12, 2010.

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  1. I know this is going to sound crazy, because you're talking PVP ops here, but bear with me.

    Why not install and use Mining Buddy to plan your ops and show participation? While it is desgned for, well, mining, you still have the ability to schedule ops and have people sign up for the ops, then check in and check out. Sure, the rest would just be overhead and fluff, but that portion, at least, would be able to meet your needs. People can show their ship type, you get an attendance log, you can see how kong they were in attendance.

    If not for all the mining garbage, the perfect web app for op scheduling.

  2. For a short time I'd always take a quick screen shot of the gangs I was FC'ing and then post participation on the forums… this didn't last long mostly because it was very time intensive and no one else would do it. I agree it would be nice to have a way to include support, they are critical. If you discover something shout and let us all know.

  3. Our corp killboard (before it went kabloey) had a mod that allowed you to add scouts and logistics pilots to killmails. It didn't add to the pilot's kill stats but it did allow directors to keep track I think.

    • I hear ya there bro but the problem is that is critically modified the KB to allow people to basically post fake KM's…I seriously debated this but thanks none the less maybe there is a module I could use.

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