milestones and moving targets

OK folks lets keep a few things in mind.

Milestones are ways to mark progress through something.  In EVE that can be skillpoints, ships you fly, living in certain places, or just surviving.

For MANY people capitals are a major milestone.  Indeed, for me, I was exceedingly pleased to be able to sit in both a Thanatos Carrier, and a Revelation Dreadnought.  Once may people sit in one of these the begin to think of the “next step”.

Titans and Super Carriers.

Currently, in game Titans are not as rare as some would like.  Indeed I have bridged through Titans for almost 18 months +, so for me the novelty is gone on the jump bridge via a titan.  Every time I jump bridge I run through the mantra, “orbit at 1000m, do not approach, MWD off”. They almost seem more of a pain in the ass than anything else to be honest.

Kirith Kodachi is a good solid pilot, even though we have been embroiled in different sides, you gotta tip your hat to the veterans you get a chance to chat/ talk/post interact with in some way.  He has a different opinion, notice not wrong, just different.

My opinions are based on my current views, discussions with SC and Titan pilots, and what info I have been able to gather.

In the end I think it boils down to “where do you go AFTER you Titan/ Super Carrier…currently the answer si  no where.  Hence the use of ” end game ” terminology.

Many SEEM to know the pros/cons of the ships but with the Titan especially I think the Cons outweigh the Pro’s

Some Cons with Titans:

  1. Everyone and there mother will try to kill you if they get a chance. ~ Everyone you’ve ever known or had a grudge against will be after you, and anyone who hears you might be in trouble will come a LONG way to get on the kill.
  2. You cannot leave the ship ~ ostensibly you can Dock it somewhere, and fly your pod or spare ship around, but leave a Titan or SC unattended is a really bad idea. ~ your character is trapped inside the ship.
  3. Titans act like portable jump bridges, but have to carry a shit ton of fuel to do it, necessitating the need for a hauler to carry all the different isotopes/ strontium to refill the Titan.
  4. You cannot dock them, anywhere.
  5. You have a BIG weapon but it only fires so often (every 5 minutes IIRC)  and IF you use it chances are it is a last ditch attempt anyways OR a precursor to a BIG fight. Granted there are some capital weapons you can mount on them as well which ( if you can lock up a BS, could indeed do big time damage)
  6. You need a POS to store your ship in
  7. You will almost always need a cloak on the titan if you do not have a POS

Pros with Titan

  1. Massive damage for one shot
  2. Ability to bridge many ships to a remote destination.

Some Cons with a Super Carrier

  1. Same issues have except for number 5, you get fighters and fighter bombers + drones

Pro’s with a Super Carrier

  1. You can Spider tank them
  2. Your DPS against slow or stationary objects is obscene
  3. You can engage in these a bit more easily than a Titan
  4. They hold 2.5 M cubic meters
  5. they have a 50,000 cubic meters for corporate hangers
  6. You cannot jam them

So it would seem that the  SC’s certainly have a a upper hand in terms of usability.  Even with that being the case I have seen roughly 3 times the number of SC as I have individual Titans.  My current Titan count stands at 22.  I have seen about 60 or so SC’s.  The reason is the SC are just more flexible.  Limiting their only strength, this flexibility would relegate them to the Titan, rarely used except for moving ships around, and very rarely “engaged” with.  What then is the pilot who currently sits in one of these supposed to do?  Are people envious?  If the Titan/SC is indeed a end game type of ships perhaps CCP could extend this a bit?  I like the idea of a mobile station with limited range and jump abilities to be honest but the “end game” is something that has seen NOTHING in the past 2.5 years.  The exception was the rewrite of the Sov rules which frankly now suck ass.  That is for another post though.

TC all and Good Hunting.

~ by Manasiv5 on October 14, 2010.

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  1. You know my feelings on this, some of which got a tad warped during the back and forth. Personally it is relatively simple, the Titan needs to be warped into the Mobile POS/Station concept. A large mobile battle-station type construction in my opinion, along the lines of the Death Star but more in-line with Eve. This is what a Titan connotes to me anyway and I think it would be better in game as well. Certainly more useful.

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