Thoughts on what needs fixing

As has become apparent, the UI was WAY overdue for some fixes.  Once they started “messing with it”, a.k.a. patching it, they opened the can o worms that has needed work for YEARS.  As so on as they fix one issue another shows, then another then another.  People have been saying for YEARS to fix UI issues / upgrade them.

NO I will not try to tell them how to do it, they know how to do it.  The only issue I have is with the “optional” nature.  I want to yell as loudly as possible “What the hell do you think you are doing?”

This is MORONIC way to address the issue to begin with.

They have the test server USE it there, get on with life.

My top 4 things that need to be addressed:

  1. Fix the Corporate Management/ Alliance Management Roles/Titles system  it is kluge, broken beyond belief, and unless you go “IRON hand” or “ALL are director” gradual levels of incrementing trust is Way to overly complicated to do
  2. Adjust the Sovereignty system again…instead of repeated POS BASH’s it is repeated… Timer 1 , Timer 2. or Timer, then repeat again PER OBJECT, there is the possibility of 6 of these fights (or more)  given the  station and I-hub, at which point the TCU becomes vulnerable and then you have to drag your own…and anchor one.
  3. Make the Damned UI customizable (more than it currently is) I highly customize my UI, to make it fit better across the 3 monitor setup that I use.  Along the same lines make customizing the overview a tad bit easier.
  4. Killmail system is broken…FIX it!  It currently records BASE damage just fix that for gods sake.

Not to say that there are not other things that need some attention.

Low security Space certainly does.

PvE stuff Does NOT.

A list of the patches show some Major UI fixes, but an introduction of new features, and  very FEW newer ships have been released the exception being the T3 Cruisers.  Give us pilots thinking about capitals something else to strive for other than the SC/Titans

Tyrannis 26 May 2010 ~
Introduced PI ( Planetary interaction ) the click fest that will not die.
Introduced EvE Gate ~out of Game mail and Calendar
Changed the Scorpion BS to the new model
Changed the standing settings
UI fixes
Mission Fixes

Dominion 1.1 Janurary 2010 ~
Change from Motherships to Super Carriers.

Dominion 1 December 2009 ~
“new ” sov 2.0 system
Navy battleships
Introduced fleet finder
Introduced new in game browser
UI fixes
Mission fixes

Apocrypha 10 March 2009 ~
Introduced T3 ships
Updated the Shader models
Introduced the Skill Que
Revamped Scanning
UI fixes
Mission fixes

Empyrean Age ~ h
New Gates/New system “Black Rise”
Fleet issue Cruisers
Factional Warfare
Major UI fixes

Ok…. so now it is your turn… what do you think needs to be fixed?

P.S.  Rest in peace capsuleer, you were a good app, hats off to the developers that put lots of blood sweat and tears behind it’s creation! Best wishes to Roc and Pyjama Sam!

~ by Manasiv5 on October 18, 2010.

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  1. Changing the sec stat hit's somehow might get more people to get into low sec and have a try at some pew. Many of my hig-sec friends give that as a main reason for not venturing into PVp more than they do. To much of a grind to recover it again.
    Don't even get me started on the 15 min GCC timers. Everyone doesent have 6+ hours/day waste on sitting glued to EVE. Frustrating as hell forced to wait 15 min,which might somtimes be 1/4 of your available playtime for the day. Lower it to 5 min maybe????
    Guess most would't agree with my suggestion, but is what i believe might improve low-sec atl a little bit.

  2. The very best UI ever made for a game was the UI for WoW and it was also a horrible UI at the same time. The brilliant move by Blizzard was making it completely customizable so that the players created the UI they wanted. I can only imagine the success the EVE UI would have if the player base that has created so many incredible websites and applications over the years were allowed to turn their talents to the UI. We don't need CCP to create a new UI … we need the player base unleashed on it. CCP would then come in and set the limits and adopt into the main UI the features most desired and tested by the community as a whole. Now that would be an example of making your players stakeholders in the development process and listening to the best of their ideas.

  3. That's a good list. I'm excited about the shortcuts, I think that has been long overdue. As to what else, other than what you mentioned, I'm not sure honestly. I agree that the UI needs much love, and the general ability to customize my own personal experience needs enhanced – overview, layout, roles, etc.

    Personally I think Eve is an awesome game that just needs some basic attention to the foundational aspects and not so much on major improvements. Although, along those lines, I think more ship models are showing their age and need Scorpion level attention.

  4. Edit: "removal of safe spots" should have read "removal of safe bases."

  5. Just to play Devil's Advocate, the PVE stuff is worked on because it's relatively simple.

    Most of the pvp stuff involves static systems that are established and (after you disregard the moaning) popular. While people complain about blobbing I've rarely seen people turn round and say I'm not joining that huge fleet that's likely to steamroller everything in its path.

    So what needs fixing – lag first and foremost. Of course that's something of an endless task because if they fix lag more people will show up for big fleets leading to more lag but that's a good direction at any rate.

    Noob entrance to pvp. Red v Blue do a decent job, some corps are great but there's very little for new people beyond being a throwaway tackler. I still think the barrier is too high, tuning of low sec and faction warfare may help this.

    Removal of safe spots. This won't be a popular opinion but I don't think NPC stations have a place in nullsec. It's supposed to be about territorial warfare, I'd like to see people who dont want to commit to territory unable to base in 0,0. Let them raid from low sec if they want.

    • Good ideas, certainly some I have not thought about …removing safe bases would be difficult to say the least. With the inability to dock anywhere where else should a super capital ship go?

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