maybe it is just me

/puts on his extremely grumpy hat

/sarcasm at 5

/irritation and short temper are set  at 5

/incredulity is at 6!

I hate people that do not deliver on what they promise.  Be they Corp mates/ Alliance mates/ CCP etc.

I hate it when people try to foolishly hack a server that I built, paid for, and manage.  It tends to REALLY irritate the piss out of me.  DO not try to hack your own fucking Alliance, if you do, your a god damned idiot.

I also hate when CCP promises us things and announces things as part of the “new expansion” and then states things like  oh I do not know…oh yes ” it will not be out at launch” well then why the hell tell me about it?

CCP promised the EVE community that they would develop rapidly on the eve gate platform what does it currently do?  Oh yes exactly what it did at the beginning of the launch EXCEPT that it does indeed fail more often to allow people to connect to it. Way to iterate.

The mail system they have is a pile of shit.  There are people who I know who do not EVEN Read the mails sent as there is not one single thought given to organization.  You give  people a tool to use but no way to organize the information?  That is Failure.

The Calendar system is slightly better at least you can eventually find a way to accept an appointment.

Which leads us to my biggest problem. If not the source of the aforementioned major level of grumpiness

I have been trying for 2 solid weeks to preview all the content from singularity but I cannot. No matter how many times I run the sisilauncher tool it fails.  I have posted in the correct forum and nothing. Maybe you kind people can help me out here?  The Sisi launcher tool ( which worked at first(3 -4 weeks ago)  but eventually corrupted my entire install (yesterday).  What a pile of shit.

/removes aforementioned grumpy hat

/puts on the less grumpy hat

in good news I hate my Vargur and will be selling it, I guess I was spoiled with my buddies Nightmare…oh damnit that isn’t good news either.

Good hunting people, go out there and blow some stuff up for me would ya?

~ by Manasiv5 on October 21, 2010.

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  1. I have not been able to log into Singularity since the sisilauncher tool was launched 😦

  2. I'll pile on here.

    EVE Gate: a lot of talk and big ideas, but nobody at CCP delivering. EVE Gate is/was a great _concept_. But people are moving on. Voice? People are too entrenched in TS/Vent to uproot and debug more of CCPs junk. Integrated forums? FFS, high school kids put together secure forums in three hours. How long has CCP, with it's hundreds of trained programmers been wrestling with this problem?

    If they're going to continue to promise and continue to fail to deliver, just release an API, and let the community crowd-source a solution. THEY have a proven track record.

    Did you read the dev blog about the UI patches? A bunch of "yeah, we suck, but if you saw how much we suck internally, you'd be grateful for the level of suck we put you through." SERIOUSLY?? You're an EFFIN mult-million dollar international Corp and THAT's your excuse??

    SiSi- the launcher is hit or miss for me. It seems I have to patch, close the launcher completely, then re-open to get it to work.

    The eve gate BS just pisses me off.


  3. You are being grumpy today! I bet Mules shooting lazors out of their eyes would help.

    And that reminds me, I need to fit up my new Phantasm!

  4. Just remember how the mail system used to be. Sure as it is now it's not perfect but I'd prefer it if CCP fixed their god-damned stupid UI before they improved the mail system.

    If people do not read mails, be pissed at the people and not the mail system.

  5. For the Sisi patcher, it didn't work for me at 1st, but after I started doing "right-click, run as admin" (even though it's already set to run as admin and Win7 even added the little icon to show it) it started working. Go figure.

    Don't know if it's doing anything like that for you, but it's what worked for me.

  6. I've always encouraged and enjoyed a good rant. They are healthy and needed. Think of sailing in a nice calm bay or series of costal lakes. Always gets me to calm down.

    People need to MAN UP!



  7. Nightmare is freaking Awesome. Had one once for mission running, was godly.

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