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Sometimes I feel like I am the velvet glove, sometimes like an iron hand. I guess i try to be the iron hand IN the velvet glove. All sexual innuendos aside ( go ahead and laugh) I try to be reasonable ( yes Crypto, Delvok, Brydan..except where it comes to Drakes) I said TRY to eb reasonable.  So after yesterdays explosion of irritation I feel better ( thanks for asking).

ON with the post!


Welcome to the brotherhood… former LR corps!



Wow was this a LONG time in coming.  Legiunea ROmana has merged with SyS-k.  No, it should not be a surprise to anyone who pays attention to Southern Block Politics.

The LR bunch are  a group of folks we have had generally excellent relationships toward since our initial move to Esoteria.  Indeed, were it not for the insistence of the former SYS-K leadership, I am unsure as to whether or not they would have remained our neighbors.  But they were our neighbors and it is nice to know you have a friend at your back.  Roughly two months ago we started talking more openly with LR leadership, recently it seems that their leader Ivan just could not dedicate the 24 hours a day that the alliance management seems to take, he needed some help, so we are merging together. That is the short and sweet of it.

Anyone familiar with merging anything together knows the amount of works that it takes. Both of us have been planning furiously, and exspecially our infrastructure corp has been busy as hell.   Such is the case with this merger.  LR  has been an excellent friend to SYS-k, and now they are becoming an extended family.  Kind of like your odd Uncle Frank who likes playing games with the 15 year old gir…, no wait not THAT Uncle Frank….More like Uncle Ted with the REALLY big guns who taught you to shoot, fed you deer jerky and talked about Snipe hunting when you were 12 years old, oh and whose wife was just incredible nice looking woman even though she was 20 years older. That is the kind of family, yes we have some fruits and nuts, but dammit they are part of the Circle of Trust and that is all there is too it.  It does not hurt that Legiunea ROmana has also participated in two Alliance tournaments to date and have done quite well. All in all they are a welcome addition to SYS-K.

/begin history narrative

When we needed help with Esoteria, 3 groups showed up and in the simple act showed that they had courage, honor, and integrity. Legiunea ROmana, Galactic Syndicate, and Primary. They showed up and did what they could WHEN they could. No matter what others say, I know the truth I was there, and I. DO. NOT.FORGET. As always these three groups have my respect and admiration, talk poorly about them in front of me and you’ll hear/see/feel the Iron hand.

/end history Narrative

It did not matter that in the end we could not get our own bloated carcass to fight ( we had an inexorable number of people who just flat out WOULD not fight the dreaded affilction know as “carus bearus maximus iskus” ) those folks  have been ditched in favor of those who promise they will in the end show up and fight.


I read through the comments from yesterday the last comment in particular sums up my frustration as well.  The Idea behind EVE agte is good, the implementation lacks what was promised.

I am looking forward to this weekend and flying with all the new people.

TC for now and as always GOOD HUNTING.

~ by Manasiv5 on October 22, 2010.

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  1. Glad you feel better. 🙂 Good luck with the merger. I was wondering what the relationship was like down there with just the two alliances in PB. This makes perfect sense.

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