And I have a New Banner

Thanks to Rixx Javix he made me a new banner please do tell me what you think of it.

Yes it is Laser beams shooting out of a Mules eyes.

I happen to like Mules and I also happen to like the Banner

~ by Manasiv5 on October 25, 2010.

7 Responses to “And I have a New Banner”

  1. Love the new banner!

  2. Awesome Banner 🙂 i am a big Fan of Rixx's work and this is just another fine example, I to dabble in the art of Banner making.

  3. Yeah finally! How to keep me in suspense, lol. It looks great up there and classes the joint up somewhat at least.

    Just glad you like it m8, I wasn't sure I'd ever get the chance to do something with Mules shooting lasers out of their eyes and then you came along… dreams do come true.

  4. Looks very Awesome for the new Banner!!

  5. The new banner is awesome 🙂

    • Looks great. Instantly identifiable as yours. Just another example of why i need to get a blog going if only so i can get some cool banners done up. Not sure if i'm using the right term, but the website header (the part that shows up on the browser window to tell you the website name) is currently just showing "."

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