and then the lag monster bites you in the ass

had an Incredibly busy weekend.  Sunday SYS-k launched on and minor offensive in E-PROS, supporting  C02 and the Initiative.  Jumping from AZN to E-PROS was well to say laggy is a major understatement.

I ahve fought in some of the “laggiest” environments in EVE, so combating it is NORMALLY not quite so difficult.

I was in 49-U6U and fought in the 1400 man lagfest for the battle over that system.  As a matter of fact several times we jumped in that system with numbers upwards of 1100 combatants.

I was in the D-GTMI ( a.k.a. the “great Turkey shoot”) during the Fall of CVA with more than 1647 Combatants, yes it was laggy but still doable ( albeit at a MUCH slower pace)

Yesterday we showed up and the system had, maybe 220 in E-PROS, we jumped in our fleet was about 140, the initiative about 130 or so.  All told about 550 or so.

Guns would not fire, Target Painters would not fire, Armor Reppers etc…everything did not work.  The modules simply would not turn on.  Cycling guns was almost a joke.  We did our best to adjust but damn it was rough.

Kudos to the guys loading the field first that part was well thought out.

inititive Killboard paints a little diff picture:

The Dead terrorists board:

What the numbers DO not show is that they loaded the grid, and were setup fairly well while we jumped into them.

On the whole, probably not the best idea( jumping smaller groups of pilots into a well setup spot)  but hell you gotta do something, and running away just seemed foolish.

Some say it was missile spam that brought the node to it’s knees I do not know.

All in all it was still good to be in a  big fight again.

~ by Manasiv5 on October 25, 2010.

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  1. Yeah lag was terrible, sometimes i would have to wait a couple of minutes just so my launchers would turn off. The lag Monster bit us all in the ass this time, still all in all thanks fo the great fun. I am hoping for more epic battles with you guys.

    I was sure you would turn back after we hoddropped you in VUAC-Y/450I-W. Thanks for not turning. GF

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