Whack a mole

SO I log in after a nice break and pop pop pop convo convo convo.  Hmmm things do not normally start well when that happens.

I grab my mallet and begin a beating back the moles as they pop their heads up. Start the whack a mole machine.

Then I get to start pinging people, oh how fun!

Seriously there was SOO much stuff happening in the last 9 days… I will not catch up.

Some thoughts:

  1. Go check the CSM link on the forums and post your support for some of the 203 items they want to bring up at the summit in December. Link here
  2. The changes from a full patch/update on the 30th to a rolled out updates ( some in Nov, some in Dec, some in Jan)  irritates the shit out of me for a couple reasons, but I’ll bitch about that later
  3. Dev blogs have shed a bit more light , but it is similar to shining a 4 cell flashlight in a massive warehouse, you only see a little bit at a time.

We have been building and designing our own in house Alliance system to control communications and such, I wear the hat of manager, while we have 1 dedicated API guy, and 1 dedicated PHP dev.

The development of tools to do background checks has been a an ever driving one.  Finally we are ready to put all the work the guys and I have been doing since August of this year.  One of the reasons I ahve been a little lite on posting etc is the various amount of testing I have had to do.  Granted about 260 hours worth of OTHER work had to be done as well. All in all I think it will serve us quite well to be sure but damn it has been a shit ton of work.

Now that I am on the battlefield I can hopefully provide some better battle reports from the front.

TC for now and Good Hunting

~ by Manasiv5 on November 16, 2010.

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