What to bring to a fleet

I thought it would be worth the time to try to educate some people on What to bring to a fight.  I wanted to post my thoughts about this and relate what I have learned, and what I say to SyS-k pilots who ask me or to corps that have joined.

None of this is super secret squirrel stuff but It does bear saying.

Some rules:

  1. Fit SOME sort of propulsion module
  2. Be realistic and FLY what your skills LET you fly the best EQUIPPED  ship you can–. notice not the ship but the best EQUIPPED ship.
  3. Do not fool yourself into thinking : oh I can do this AFK, I can watch three TV shows I can make out with my girlfriend/ boyfriend, I can walk the dog, or I can clean the house.  PvP is dedicated activity that requires Attention.


Simply put it will get your ass out of the fire.  The slowest guy to exit the warp disruption bubbles, the ship least able to get the hell out of it’s own way WILL DIE. If you are too slow your gonna lose your ship because you did not follow rule 1, fit a god damned propulsion module. If for some ungodly reason you cannot fit a Micro warp drive (MWD) on your ship, STOP go back to empire and train that skill.

Skills and equipment:

If your fleet calls for Battleships, Heavy Interdictors, Heavy Assault Cruisers (HAC), and Support.  Do not show up in your Rifter.In sucha  fleet an order of precedence is needed. If you can fly Battleships w T2 guns and mod, bring that, if you cannot use the T2 modules, skip down to HAC’s, if you cannot fit the T2 modules for HAC’s drop down in interceptors.

The Better ship to fly is the T2 Variant.  Period.  If you have Frigates to 5 then you can with just a bit more training fly the T2 frigates (Interceptors), if you have Cruisers to 5, then you can fly the T2 Cruisers (Heavy Assault/ recon) , and if you have Battleships to 5 then you can fly the T2 (Marauders, Black ops).  Got it?

to help visualize here are a few continuum’s

Worst -> Best

Poor choice -> Best choice

T1 class  -> T2 Class ->Faction

T1 frigate ->T2 Cruiser w/T1 guns-> T1 Cruiser -> Battelships w/T1 Guns ->Battlecruiser -> Interceptor ->Battleship w/T2 guns->T2 cruiser  w/T2 guns->T3 cruiser ->Logistics

The equipment is what makes the ship useful…not the ship itself.

Pay attention

It is a fools game to think you can watch TV or play another game or do your homework , write your resume,or any other frigging thing while playing EVE with PvP intentions.  While I CAN run three accounts at once I generally DO not as it make response time MUCH slower.  Slow response = certain death.

Enough with the remedial lessons


in the fighting front We knocked out the SBU holding EIMJ last night.

Good showing by the fleet, some silly losses, not keeping transversal velocity up, not broadcasting when you need to but overall the job was done and done well.

IT jumped in and lent a hand one that was MUCH appreciated by us.  You see IT are our friends, not our masters nor we their servants.  We happen to like IT, ok…. at least I like the folks in IT whether or not we all do is a bit too rose colored glasses, in my thinking.

That’s all for now more as I get inspired.

TC and good hunting

~ by Manasiv5 on November 19, 2010.

8 Responses to “What to bring to a fleet”

  1. +1 on the cost issue. I've been in a nullsec alliance 2 weeks, and although I have the skills to fly intys and bombers well, I don't have the "skill" not to lose them. 160M in losses in a couple of weeks isn't pocket change, especially when I have limited time to rat etc to make it back.

    So I'd be wary of an FC (and a Corp or Alliance) who told me to stay home when I fleeted up in a Rifter because that's all I could afford. Another pilot means another point, another few hundred DPS and another distraction for the bad guys who are trying to take down your logi's. Where's the downside, whatever they're in?

    While I think of it – what's the perception of bombers in non-black ops fleets? From my POV I can put out decent damage from fairly long range, can scout a fleet and can (and have) provide warp-ins for tacklers. More to the point, if the family calls I can cloak up and not worry about being stuck deep in nullsec.

    • Black ops bombers do make good scouts. IN groups of 7 they prove useful DPS. covert ops cloaks do cost a bit though so price CAN be an issue.

  2. I think it's very important to have frigate roams every so often where new and old players bring anything they are willing to lose.

    This way you can teach new players how to tackle etc while also explaining to them why a t2 ship is better and how to get into an interceptor for example. Plus these are always fun 🙂

  3. Points 1 and 2 do have some exceptions:

    Propulsion: Uber-tanked camp-busting Drake fleets. a 20-25 man gang can screw up a 40 man gang camp site.

    Skills and equipment: never EVER turn back newbies in T1 frigs. A) They can't afford losing anything else regularly. B) They will lose ships ships regularly when learning the actual PvP skills (the ones that do not come from skillbooks). And C) There is no such thing as too many tacklers.

    But I totally agree with point #3; while I do know some players who are good at multi-boxing PvP, it's not for everyone. For my part, when I PvP I freak out when the phone rings 🙂

    • 22 days is what it takes to get in an interceptor…28 days for a t2 fit….so no T1's for us…your point about getting them to fight IS valid though so if you got NOTHING else 3 more guns cannot hurt.

      • 28 days for a T2 fit interceptor, yes. But will a month-old player be able to afford losing inty after inty after inty? No. I know because I've been there. So if any newbies are reading this, if you want to learn The PvP, join AMC and not Sys-K 😀

      • I definitely agree with the equipment part, but to say that a person CAN be in an Inty in 22 days and that they SHOULD be are very different.

        An Inty pilot with Long Range Targeting II, Signature Analysis III, and Energy Systems Operation III is not a very useful Inty pilot.

        • fully train interceptor pilot in something like 38 days with poor learning skills they can certainly learn to fly during that time even one hour a days that is almost a work week in total…cost is an issue that I admit i overlooked.

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