Carrier Down!

I have indeed been reading about all the hotdrops from Super Carriers, sadly last night I found out.  SYS-K had a I-hub coming out of RF.  We arrived on station and began work  roughly two minutes passed.  The VERY rapidly several thinsg happened at once.  Which is typical.

  1. A Bubble went up around some of the caps repping the I-hub.
  2. Then a Second Bubble went up
  3. A cynosural field  was lit.
  4. Then an bunch (try 17 of them) of Super Carriers jumped in and attacked our cap group.

When this happen you try very hard to GTFO but it wasn’t to be my lovely carrier (bought oh so long ago) went poof very quickly.

Specifically I was hit by the following:

(9) Aeon
(8) Nyx

(22) other carriers

Some friendly Carriers were on the kill as well with damage probably from Smartbombs

And a partidge in a  pear tree.

FFS that’s a lot of SC.

2 good things depending on your Point of View:

  1. We did kill one Nightmare:
  2. The SBU died:

Many thanks to the gents from IT showing up and helped a brother out.

I saw Perseus Kallistratos. from the Maverick Navy there, btu was too busy trying to stay alive to say hey to him.

I reshipped and provided a picket defense for the BS group in my Muninn afterwards. The off to a nice restful sleep I went.

Moral of the story:

Hotdrops are very quick and very nasty and 17 SC dropped on top of a well executed trap means dieing in a fire. Don’t cry about it.

Funny things:

  • I insured my capital~ something I rarely do…for the maximum amount.
  • I still have another Capital
  • Sometimes all you can do is laugh at the pretty pixels when they change to all the vibrant colors.
  • The irritation is had it actually been BE carriers I woudl have felt betters but NCdot?

Good hunting All I will be home for thanksgiving so if your not online and I cannot say it to you personally have an excellent Thanksgiving.

TC and good hunting!

~ by Manasiv5 on November 23, 2010.

3 Responses to “Carrier Down!”

  1. That was a tuff night. specially after lending my thanny to a Corp mate and then seeing a km with his name suspiciously with my exact fit. "I didn't want that thanny anyway." Ok, that's not true. Lol. For the greater good…

    Lost yer posts with the demise of the blogpack, but got you bm'd now. Look forward to more. tc/fs.

  2. Ouch. I feel your pain, we lost a JF the other day in almost the exact same situation. It might just be a game, but it still stings.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours as well.

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