Stalled out in B-R5RB

It seems PB has other things to do now, so their POS was taken down and they have left the system. TBH they certainly did what they intended to do, draw us away from helping INIT, back into PB.  While there they certainly capitalized on Super Carriers ability to hit other large capitals.  My carrier was indeed one of the carriers that went down to the 17 SC that NCDOT jumped in.  Ouch that smarted but hey if we never wanted to engage in the ship I would not BE in the ship.  I said in January that I wanted to be in a capital class fight and quite a fight it was for about 5 minutes.

Immensea is a Long way away from Period Basis.  Not quite as far as Jita but it feels like it.  Immensea system B-R5RB had come under immense assault…so when the INIT guys asked, the least we could do was come and support them in their time of need. We certainly arrived within time before  several of their important POS were coming out of RF.  We had prepped a massive bomber fleet and an additional fleet including RR logi support and a BC fleet.

At maximum size I woudl say that the system had oh 845 people in it.  There were a few reds that jumped in and got slaughtered but all in all no kills to be had at the gate.  Meh, win some, lose some, INIT leader thanked us on coms and we headed for home after a long day.

I took a screen shot fo the following fleet but cannot yet find the damned thing:

  • 1 Avatar~ an Ankou one at that o/…. hey fellas
  • 2 Erebus
  • 4 Aeon
  • 18 Nyx
  • 7 Wyvern
  • 1 Hel
  • 79 Thanatos

That was just the Capital fleet above us on the gate awaiting an intruder that never showed up. Many people mention being “blueballed” but hell as long as the system did not slip seems like in the end it was well worth it.

The training skills change is certainly coming soon, honestly one of the reasons I liked them was if you had invested the time you could advance very quickly.  Apparently us veterans who DID invest the time are now well sort of getting the shaft as it were. Yes, I know it helps out new players, Yes I do want new players to not have such a damned hared learning curve, No I do not like that one of the rewards of proper planning is that now everyone gets to train faster.  Maybe it is just me but i honestly think that there is NOTHING that a veteran of this game gets in the long run…

Oh and just for information’s sake ( evenews24 had it wrong) Ascendency was asked to leave, we wish them well in the future.

~ by Manasiv5 on November 29, 2010.

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