Incursions are upon us

Admittedly this was written in a GRUMPY mood ~M

Whether for good or bad looks like Sansha Incursions will be coming to us all.  Honestly I have some seriously mixed emotions about this update.  Yes, there are quite a few fixes for everyone involved in large fleet fights.  The fixes are needed and frankly some are way overdue.

One major concern is the increase in training time.  Why Increase the amount of training people can do?  For bigger more complex ships of course.  Except there are not bigger complex ships introduced.  Aside from T3 cruisers and revamping ships that existed, there have been 3 shuttle like ships, one each during the previous expansions.  There is the promise of a Sansha capital.  The push for extra points is not entirely a bad thing, it just has me wondering…why do this now?

Looking over the “features” of this release show us that it kinda like shooting a shotgun at a signpost 40 feet away

  • New character editor, long time coming… but once you play with it for a while, how long does the enjoyment last?
  • Incursions, whether wanted or not you’ll HAVE to fight them off…since when have we gone back to PvE?
  • New Pirate AI, and a New Supercarrier “Revenant”, aren’t people saying there are too many NOW?
  • Incursions change the systems environment meaning no ratting, mining, plexing,  etc while an Incursion exists.

ok so lots of changes around a Sansha Incursion coming to a system near you, want the New BPC, go to low sec. Great as if low sec wasn’t crappy enough now we all have to go there for  this?  I am happy that everyone will have to fight off Incursions, it will certainly reinforce the idea that no-where is “safe”. I also understand Low sec sucks ass atm so giving people a reason to go there is good but still for a SC BPC? We shall see.

  • 40 new missions.  Meh I do not run them nor will I ever run them again.

I gave up mission running years ago and never looked back, just not my cup of tea for repeatable content over and over etc.

  • CSM fixes.  Good start lets hope it keeps on rolling
  • Ordinance overhaul, excellent gives us a broader range of ammo to use.
  • PI changes , thank god the click fest has me not doing shit on my planets, maybe i can make some money again.
  • Fleet jumping fixes , excellent for us large fleet fighting folks.
  • Fighter bomber lag reduced, always a good thing.
  • No more stuck modules, I will believe it when I see it, but I am glad they are working on it.

I for one am GLAD these are a big focus.  Lots of stuff people have been yelling about for more than a year or so, glad that CCP stepped up and fixed stuff, but is it really something new?

  • Eve gate gets forums
  • Eve gate gets voice
  • Eve gate gets “enhanced”

Anything aside form those old forums is welcome.  Eve voice?  Not sure why I want it or need it but OK.  Enhancements?  have they seen the mail system?  1992 called and wants a better mail system for pete’s sake.  How about letting us search it? I hope and pray that some better ease of use is included…we shall await and see

  • Noctis a salvage ship with a BPO that costs 390M?  Give me a break, I’ll use my T1 coercer till prices fall dramatically. Why not a damned combat ship?

A salvager?  FFS there are some many ships that could use a new variant. How about a Tougher destroyer?  a T3 frigate? A new cruiser, or a new Battleships, give us a ship we can all fly.  Give me a ship to explode not a 50M salvager.

  • Faction ships purchasable on the market, nice change hope it will help their prices fall a bit.
  • Concord store.  Will get some use for the Sansha Incursions to be sure we shall have to see what goodies they have.

Yes I knwo a bit of complaining, as I said at the start I ahve mixed emotions.  On one hand excellent fixes are coming, on the other, more PvE content.  I want to fight other pilots NOT the computer, people are much more exciting to fight.  Maybe give us a new class or new ship type across the races?  A combat ships FFS!

TC all and if your a PvE player rejoice as CCP loves you, for us PvP combat vets, lets see if we can salvage something from these fixes eh?

TC all and good hunting.

~ by Manasiv5 on November 30, 2010.

5 Responses to “Incursions are upon us”

  1. Just for that, no cookies for you. BTW, a 390m BPO won't be that bad, it's about on par with a tier 1 BC.

  2. Woke up on the wrong side again huh? Lol, I agree with most of what you are saying though, for us crusty zero vets not much is happening to make our game experience better. Although this gate jumping thing, if it works, might be good news.

    Although, lots of people flying into low sec to fight Sansha sure does seem like a good time to bushwack a few of 'em.

  3. What the hell was in your cereal this morning ?!?!

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