What will become of the veterans?

SO all the hoopla about the learning skills going away has me wondering.  What is the long term benefit from being a 2003 veteran?

seated left to right are William H. Simpson, George S. Patton, Jr., Carl Spaatz, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Omar Bradley, Courtney H. Hodges, and Leonard T. Gerow; standing are Ralph F. Stearley, Hoyt S. Vandenberg, Walter Bedell Smith, Otto P. Weyland, and Richard E. Nugent. Ca. 1945. 208-YE-182.

seated left to right are William H. Simpson, George S. Patton, Jr., Carl Spaatz, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Omar Bradley, Courtney H. Hodges, and Leonard T. Gerow; standing are Ralph F. Stearley, Hoyt S. Vandenberg, Walter Bedell Smith, Otto P. Weyland, and Richard E. Nugent. Ca. 1945. 208-YE-182.

Looking back so much has changed that to be honest I do not think it is the same game any more.

What do we get from being a veteran?

A collection of some very worthless shuttles.  Check and check got those.

A collection of gear strewn throughout the galaxy…I keep my assets fairly neat and clean but I do know people who have so much gear everywhere they needs data mining tools to remember where their stuff is.

An extra number of remaps for the years played?  Nope, there is  some credit on the number of points that can be respecified is all I can think of.

I have had a few people look at my DOB (5-27-2003) and actually run the other way, those have been quite funny to be honest.

To be honest the only reason I keep playing and continue my accounts is the PvP.

Yes… I like tactical planning

Yes… I even like logistics planning

Hell I like chatting with most people

Ok Manasi so why do you play still?

It is OMG more fun that I can even describe to most people.  I simply run out of words.  As grumpy as I can get , yes I admit I have been a bit grumpy of late the game still fascinates and enthralls me.

Would I like things to move away from PvE and more towards a ‘truer’ PvP environment?  hell yes, will that happen ?  At this point I actually think it is moving closer to PvE than anything else.  SO I guess what Ia m saying is do not misplace the grumpiness for Unhappiness.  Never been more fun than in EvE. All my bitching aside.

For you the loyal readers ( yes there are a few of you) I can only thank you for bearing with me during a rather grumpy phase fo posting.  For those of you new to AMIE I’ll do my best to be less grumpy and more realistic, and see how far that goes.

To finish the thought, what old Veterans get is perspective.  Whee the game has come from and perhaps where it is going to.  Where it ends up in the meantime?  That is anyone’s guess.

Some people deserve special attention however:

Rixx Javixx from EvE oganda…keep up the good work bro I appreciate the comments!

Casiella Truza ~ I do not often agree with you but you are so right about the CK things people been stirring up..keep up the excellent writing , and I promise to keep reading.

Crazykinux ~ I hope you’ll be in fan-fest bro I will be and I wanna shake your hand.

Mynxee ~ god help us but the woman has one hell of a brain. Glad I voted for you with 2 accounts!

All the CSM ~ you guys work damned hard and get little recognition for your unbelievably difficult job you volunteer for.

Teadaze for making me feel exceptional about the other votes I cast for you bro with my other 2 remaining accounts!

Cozmik For being a such a  loyal commenter I also owe you at least one beer at Fan fest

Richie A.K.A. ‘Zapatero’ who I met in 2008 in philly I promise to pay you back and buy you that beer I promised.

Roc ~ you still owe me my damnable prize but fuck it it has been too long anyways, your still a  good guy.

Kirith Kodachi ~ even though we were on opposite sides your talent for builds and your excellent writing have kept me coming back time and again…keep up the good work.

CEPTACEMIA ~ guys without you I’d never have the ability to learn as much as I ahve…keep on rocking.

SYS-K Without which I would have much less than I do…keep on fighting guys im with you all the way.

to all you dedicated readers/people who always comment on my blog ~ thanks who knew such a  simple thing could grow so big.

~ by Manasiv5 on December 2, 2010.

9 Responses to “What will become of the veterans?”

  1. Vets are good for telling stories or "how it used to be" back in the old days. I'm still in my first year so they aren't no old days stories to tell.

    But I guess being a real world Vet of how it used to be back in the old days of combat sailing ships. When the new inexperienced guys came aboard they often looked up to you the old salty dog for answers and guidance often because you had experience and you were there often there from way back when. Though you often had allot of experience at this point being around the ocean a few lapse, what you often had was a vast memory of stories of "how it used to be", "back in the old days" before they changed it all.

    What i remember and the only thing left after all this amount of time has passed is not only my medals but vast amount of memories of "how it used to be" with the guys that was all there. I guess it don't seem so different in EVE.

  2. It'll be a pleasure to sit down and chat about the good ol'days, the way we had it, and them controversies! I'll be there in late March, you betch'ya!

  3. Raisin' one fat Guinness atcha !!!

    I will not make it to THIS Fanfest but… 1- I have plans to make it to Iceland at some point in the near future, and 2- I WILL make it to Fanfest at some point 🙂


  4. Thanks for all you old vets. We may not all do the same things in-game, but you have impacted other players. The second and third-order effects of your knowledge has helped make this game even more enjoyable.

    As a 2008 player, the most common story I end up telling relates to the skill queue!!!! Oh, how I've tried explaining to the youngsters about that whole rushing home from work and/or setting the alarm clock early in the AM/late at night to swap training. They just don't understand!! 🙂


  5. My issue is the newbies ask me questions about starter stuff that I've long forgotten and I then have to search for an answer or ask somebody newer then me who did the newbie stuff much more recently.

    Plus since then some of the starter things have changed or are new additions so I never experienced them and cbf running a new character through them.

  6. I'm just wiping a happy tear for being classified as an old vet. Also, I've no problem with the game veering back to the PVP side: more ships and pods blown up means more business for us industrial types. PVE folks don't lose their equipment often enough to provide steady business….

    Cheers! 😀

  7. Not sure a little over two years makes me an "old fart" yet, although with all the new recruits lately I am starting to feel my in-game age more than ever. But even in two plus years the game has changed dramatically, I just hope you are wrong about the PvP/PvE thing. I'd like to think that more PvE only encourages more targets for my PvP. 🙂

  8. o7

    Us old farts get one other advantage: we can tell stories about how Eve used to be!

    "When I was a noob I got 5000 ISK, 8000 skill points, low attributes, no accelerated learning, and a 1 hr tutorial!"

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