A new nightmare

Yes indeed I have finally put together enough cash to buy one of these Amazing ships.  I had indeed borrowed a friends Nightmare to experiment with it.  I also tried a Vargur, which I didn’t like for PvE purposes.  So I clone jumped down to Empire and picked one up.  Loaded it up and I have it ready and waiting.

This weekend saw an Operation into Paragon Soul where we assaulted several installations belonging to ROL.

SYS-K also has asked several corporations to leave the fold, as it were, Some really excellent groups of pilots some just barely hanging on with a few members.

There is a big difference in a group of people that fight were you need them and just a big group of people fighting.  The former requires discipline to actually make function as a unit, the latter doesn’t have any.

As the holidays rapidly approach many in deep 0.0, are often wondering what will happen next?  The unknown looms large in our region of 0.0.  We occupy the southernmost part of 0.0 and we border IT to the North and West, ROL to the East, and the NPC region of Stain, also to the East.  Enemies and friends live in Stain, for what reason I cannot fathom, I simply loathe the area.  I cannot mission there as my standings with the Sansha are -9.1, that was if I wanted to mission run any more , which I do not. To me it is just a big block of space I ahve to travel through to get to somewhere interesting.

Manasi continues to forge ahead, with command ships now ready to be used in fleets we shall see how this class of ship performs.  There are some notable ships: Absolution, Damnation, Sleipnir, and the Claymore.  All 4 are excellent boosters and when used well some very fearsome firepower can but put down range by them.

I learned that one of the newer Corps has a few readers of this blog So Hey all you Eve Protection Agency Pilots!

A big hello to Lokeus

That is it for today more On Wednesday.

Take Care and Good Hunting

~ by Manasiv5 on December 6, 2010.

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