Farewell to a good friend

Good people can be difficult to find, excellent people even more so.  Then we have those that cannot be replaced.  Thse who ahve read this blog a while will know that I used Lonetrek in various iterations to do my hosting.  The lead guy there is and will remain to be ,the standard at how I judge customer service.  He is shutting down.

As a result I am moving my blog to a new box sometime in the next week or so.  The name will stay the same, the DNS should change properly and hopefully no one will know.

If I have learned ANYTHING it probably will affect some of you who read my blog.  APologies but the guy is shutting down and I do not want this site to go “dark”

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The Nightmare I wrote about on Monday found it’s way via a very special courier to my hanger. Sweet ship.  I played with her for a bit last night but did not test her out  to her limits.

DPS in the extreme to say the least.

Except that I fell into a trap you see.

I picked up some True Sansha Mega Beam and some Imperial Navy Crystals  for two reasons:

  1. A bit more DPS @ aprox 5.8 DPS more per gun
  2. A welcome decrease in cap needed to fire the guns.

[table id=25 /]

To the Amarr the ability to keep Capacitor up is critical, so could I have gone for a bit more Volley and DPS?  Yes, what would it have cost? about 10.32 more cap per gun for the True Sansha Tachyon’s

Granted I’ll pick upa  pair and see if the extra range with the Gamma Crystals ( 2nd most powerful to the Multi-frequebcies ) is worth it.

Why Gamma?  A bit more range and still excellent damage.

TC till next time

Goo Hunting

~ by Manasiv5 on December 8, 2010.

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