Engaging ROL

SO as some may have noticed we have decided to engage ROL a bit in Paragon Soul.  For the military strategists out there two front fighting is not s simple task nor is it without risk.

Certainly ROL has been the least despised group we have been fighting.  C0ven, Stain Empire, and -A-, stabbed us in the back and enjoyed doing so.  I ahve been in SYS-K from day 1 and I do know the history so debating history points here C0ven and SE guys is pointless.  To say they fight well is certainly not an exaggeration.  Instead it is a realization that we in SYS-K also fight.

One things that my CEO is trying to make a point of , and one that I echo and agree with is that there are only 3 corporations left from the behemoth that we were is Esoteria.  3 corps remain and lead the alliance, CEPTA, EDF, and RE.8.  The reason these three remain is we have continued to fight long and hard for some small slice of the 0.0 pie that we currently control.

I am under no illusions, tomorrow may indeed be a different day, things change, but our resolve to fight does not waver.

Initially on the 18th of November a deal worked out with ROL was shattered when they helped participate in, along with Burn Eden and others, an attack upon our space.  This attack shattered any agreement that we may have had with ROL and this simple fact strengthened our resolve.

Will they fight?  Not sure to be honest, but those that are in SYS-K will. Win and losses both come with the territory but win or lose in Paragon Soul, we will continue forward.

Starting on the 30th of December we have begun assaulting some the systems within Paragon Soul



I have some screen shots of the archive maps and will put them up as soon as I can.

Take care All, Happy New year, and Good Hunting





~ by Manasiv5 on January 3, 2011.

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  1. Yo Manasi,

    I recently finished going through your blog from April 2008 to present. Whew! Very good reads that, between you and Perseus Kallistratos's blog, have stoked my interest in 0.0 life. Many thanks for that.
    The best of luck with your alliance's current multi-front campaign!


    • Thanks! I appreciate that it helped inspire you a little Perseus Kallistratos does good stuff as well. Good hunting!

  2. Yikes! Well good luck with that, two front fighting is difficult to say the least. But having a force willing to defend space is a huge step in the right direction, no matter how small that force may be. Hang tough.

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