The AXE man cometh

Well it certainly was a good year , lots of fighting, lots of learning, a bit of complaining, but all in all a good year.

I wanted to fly my Thanatos into fights ( which I did) eventually losing her to NCDOT 😦

I wanted to fly my Dreadnought, which I also did, and engaged her several times.

I flew a ton of logistics missions ( undocking KNOWING you wont get a kill takes a special mindset sometimes) Which while not always fun were fun.

I flew a Nigthmare Battleship and then purchased my own.

I became heavily involved with leading SYS-K, to some extent.

The last one to be honest was actually where the bulk of my time and energy, and yes money were spent.

Admittedly as both Communications guy and Recruiter for the Alliance I can come across as quite brusk, or “short  with” some people.  I also deal with catching the “nasty” people, in addition to being the “AXE” man. The last role kind of intrigues me as generally speaking… I actually like most folks. I do get irritated… as most in my corp know, but being irritated normally does not involve me ranting and raving and such.

Asking someone to leave is 1/3 performance Art, 1/3 Counselor, 1/6 Fellow pilot, 5/6 having the grit to actually do it.  Normally people do not get terribly upset ( it is a game that draws you in but moving around inside this game is not tough) If they get upset, and some have, normally it is not directed at me personally as I am just the poor shlub that has to tell em.  I do not make the decision to boot folks rather I just set em down and try to break it in a way that makes it a bit easier & if possible doesn’t get them to get down on themselves.

The ‘grit’ to do this comes naturally, in deep 0.0.  I trust no one 100% except my wife, my mom and my brother.  None of them play.  I do trust my fellow Directors at about 99% and other fellas in the command structure of SYS-K about 95%, everyone else is just less than that, which is ok.  I try not to be mean but I have been short with folks at times, so if you DEAR READER, are one of those I have been “short with” I hope you understand.

As we get rolling into the new year I am looking for a little direction on where to go, reporting on the movements of SYS-K is not without it’s troubles.  More often than not I have been shot as a result of my writing, rather than having anything “good” come of it.  I don’t care though I never write for people to like, I write for people to understand. In the past I have reported on some movements and that info came back to bite me a bit…so there has not been all that much of it.

As a recruiter here are three tips:

  1. Do not assume I know who the hell you/your corp is… explain and introduce yourself without throwing people’s names around. DO NOT think that because you know Molle or khartoon or BobbyAtlas, or The  Mittani insert (some other big name alliance leader) that  I won’t ASK them what they think.  I will and most of the time they laugh ( not in a good way)
  2. DO not think that your shit doesn’t stink, be as humble as you can and see what YOU can offer
  3. Be realistic about your capabilities and do NOT stretch the truth about what you can do..under-promise and over-perform works well.

Hope the new year is good to you people.

Good Hunting!

~ by Manasiv5 on January 7, 2011.

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  1. My rule of thumb on posting is “past-tense”, as often as possible I like to write about things that have already happened – be it a day, a week or a month. I try to stay away from things that are in progress or, especially, planned for tomorrow. This has served me well and has mostly resulted in very little trouble for the in-game goings on. It can be difficult sometimes to maintain and we all make mistakes.

    Speaking of which, why have I been seeing so many SYS-K peeps in Syndicate lately?

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