harumpf and getting angry in EVE

I have been wanting to share information with you all about the merger with LR and the Corps that “didn’t make the cut” as it were.  One reason I have been reluctant to do so was that I had to wait a certain amount of time before I could talk about what happened.  I read the reports on both Kugu and SHC and even EVENEWS24 ( we happen to be a favorite whipping boy for Czech Lion) enough time has passed so now I can lay it out for you.

The history part:

IN Early July 2010,  a civil war of sorts broke out in Period Basis.  The one side was LR the other side was people who were kicked out of LR and went on to form RL.  Many different shenanigans were played, mainly by the RL guys who were very upset that they had been asked to leave Period Basis.  They had many characters remaining inside LR and they played havoc with the corps that remained.  In addition to that but they tried to get SYS-K drawn into the fight.  THAT was something that we did not wish to do. The LR guys suffered pretty badly for a while and eventually some approached SYS-K.

To help stabilize LR their leader brought in some good corps to shore them up a bit, starting in Mid July through about August of 2010.  These couple of corps  did succeed in shoring up LR a bit and they were, for the most part,  stabilized.  Yes there were still fights around but the fighting had started to become one that We were being attacked by RL.  Around September SYS-K was approached about a merger idea.  We have an excellent organizational system in place and the idea was kicked around a bit and we determined that we would handle the merger just like any other corp that joined SYS-K.  Their leadership agreed and everyone got together and discussed what was needed and expected of new corps.  A couple decided to go elsewhere and were given time to evacuate their ships and gear etc…

Each new corp understood that there would be a trial period and then as long as they performed well, and they agreed that we had goals that aligned well they would stay.  Thus began a contentious six to seven weeks.  They former LR corps merged with SYS-K starting about 7 weeks after some initial talk and all of them were “on board” by about the 1st of November.

AT about the mid month we deployed, or attempted to deploy to catch to assist the Dead Terrorists.  I say attempted to deploy because MANY of the new LR corps decided they wanted to stay in stain and rat or PvP and not go to the “front”.  On November 30th or so I asked several corps to leave due to either A) not deploying to the front when asked or B) failure to meet a set of standards all corps within SYS-K have to meet.  You are reading it right I asked them to leave, on behalf of our council…. well to be honest they got all angry at the spaceship game, much yelling and shouting was heard about “fair” and “right” and “wrong”.

The commentary part:

Apparently the remaining corps thought that only “new” corps were under a trial period and those that did not take this seriously, were very surprised, that indeed THEY were under scrutiny.  Repeated attempts to convince them during the 6 or so weeks they were with SYS-K failed miserably.  They roamed Stain while we were deployed, failed to deploy when everyone else did did not show up for many CTA’s and in the end worked REALLY hard at trying to NOT merge with SYS-K but instead to do there own thing.

I do several Jobs within the Alliance..one of which I described on Friday as being the “AXE” man.  I do not relish the role but I do my best to be honest and as straight forward as I can be without un-necessarily bruising feelings or what not.  Simply put I tell people they do not FIT within SYS-K.  That is REALLY hard for some people to take.  I do my best to be complementary and lay it out for them. Some people just take it badly.  Some of the people asked to leave did take it badly.

As a result of initial agreements we set several of thee corps to “blue” status and 1 week later they were caught attacking us and a group that rents space from us.   SO we then set them “red”.  We gave them plenty of time to move their gear from stations and relocate it to a safer spots and whatnot. In return pow they come back and do the very thing we asked them to do in the beginning, fight.  The difference was that they were fighting against us now instead of with us…

So many people cried and complained and said that “they were there at the start with SYS-K” somehow attributing the success of long past actions, the initial fighting in Esoteria, that we should grant them the space that they held ( southern end of PB) forever.

Reasonable or not, the corps in SYS-K have one mission… to come when called for a CTA.  If people choose to NOT come. they are asked to leave.  Simple as that.  No ifs, ands, buts, or excuses accepted.  They failed to show so they were asked to leave.

Did it cause much gnashing of teeth and wringing or hands?  Perhaps…that was a side effect though and not the intent.

The Questions:

How do you handle it when asked to leave somewhere?

How were you asked or was it a veiled threat that got you to move?

Looking back would it have gone differently with a different approach?

The final thought:

This is a game with pretty Internet ships about totally fake stuff that we spend an inordinate amount of time getting upset at (sometimes) when things do not go our way.

All the  people that THINK they know what happened to LR…. now Know as I was the one of those  involved with about 85% of it.  Not tooting my own horn hear just setting the record straight.

Take care and good hunting.

~ by Manasiv5 on January 10, 2011.

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  1. Sir, I salute you. I know what it’s like.

  2. Well that explains that. Speaking as one on the sidelines for some of this at the time, this clears things up for me. Good to hear your side of things and it all makes sense in context. I don’t believe anyone has the right to dictate how and why an Alliance is run from the top down, if they don’t like it they are free to leave and try it somewhere else. Or try starting their own Alliance… like in say the Syndicate. lol.

    And I don’t know, I’ve never been asked to leave before. I might cry.

  3. No surprises there. Pretty much what I'd surmised from what I saw going on and how I already know SysK operates. Serves them right tbh.

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