Thoughts on Incursions

Browsing the patch notes today and saw some things worth relaying to you all:

EMERGENCY NOTICE:  Ships which are jumping to a cynosural field located close to a starbase forcefield will now land at a slightly increased distance of up to 15km. This means that pilots will have a slightly increased travel time to get to safety within a starbase.

  1. Contracts no more will you worry about burned out crystals now you’ll be able to do exactly what you’ve always wanted contract the damaged ship and get it moved.  Especially useful for the Amarr ships. YAY!
  2. Visual clues ( God Rays) will be visible in system where incursions are found in addition to the greenish cast on the background.  AT least we will know!
  3. Evegate will now host the forums and eve voice.  Not sure why the hell you wanna chat via that but I bet it has to do with DUST crap. WTF?
  4. Character creator…go make yourself a new portrait you’ll have some time if you want to wait a bit..about damned time!
  5. PI has quite a few upgrades ECU’s now can extract for up to 14 days. A welcome addition!
  6. Characters kicked from corp will be booted from the chat channel immediately…NICE new feature!
  7. Names can have three spaces…first second and third…hmm interesting…
  8. Added the show info information from the contextual  menu
  9. Character sheet API now returns the born on date and security status
  10. Changes to the Corporate wallet management
  11. Bookmarks cannot be dropped into another players jettisoned cargo container
  12. Now when you cloak you have to be 2000M from the EDGE of a ship…not the center of a ship.
  13. Weapon grouping has changed dragging modules over each other WHILE loaded with the SAME ammo will merge together…no more having to unload


I still cannot fathom why those of us that wish to PvP will be forced to play versus the computer/environment…seems that those alliances that hold space are simply in the cross hairs, and still we have to play their idiot sov game.

looking back over my past posts the common thread has been disapproval with CCP in catering to the PvE crowd.  There should be room for both and perhaps this is the way they will morph this new feature.

The other major concern is that it seems that CCP waits months or years before adjusting some thing that EVEN they and the CSM in their notes know is “broken”.  I read all the notes fairly rapidly but once again they wish to go after logistics and redefine Super Caps.  Granted perhaps I am not intelligent enough to be able to offer some better way to do it but come on CCP fix Sov warfare would ya? Oh wait that’s right you want to include some other mechanic having to do with DUST.

Deep 0.0 warfare ( where I live) seems already to have faced the issues that one part of the Sov warfare (paying bills) etc…if you do not pay the bills you lose Sov. Now they want us to not be able to fuel things or whatnot.  This isn’t a fix people…

In other news I joined a fleet after being sick for a couple days and went to help some of the IT folks…after three hours ( all I could give) I had to bail out…We shall see if the ship survives it’s way home.  🙂

~ by Manasiv5 on January 18, 2011.

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  1. The reality is that PVPers are a minority in EVE – probably a small (but vocal) one.
    Compare the numbers in PVE-type regions to PVP-type regions on the quarterly reports. Even out in nullsec a sizeable percent are not pvp-centric. Consider how much effort PVP corps invest in trying to recruit new members – it's mostly just shuffling players between corps.

    CCP wants subscriptions and it appears that PVE-type players bring in more of those than PVP.

    I agree with Stan – Incursions may provide a stepping stone helps players get familiar with fleet actions and make them more comfortable with idea of PVP.

  2. I think that the first step in encouraging PvE-ers to try PvP is to get them to fleet up and be more sociable. As a result of experiencing an Incursion, solo missioners in high-sec may develop a taste for fleet combat, albeit PvE. When that dries up, where do they go for their next fix of multiplayer combat?

    I can't speak for the null-sec dwellers, but as a mechanism for encouraging players to 'roll off the high-sec hill', I think Incursion might be a much more cunning way of guiding the emergent gameplay trends than people are giving CCP credit for.

  3. I remain confused, excited and strangely bleh about most of this – except for the new character creator. But onward and upward(ish) I suppose in the end as long as we are moving in a direction we will eventually get there?

    Just let me shoot other people and I'm pretty happy.

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