Darkness on the horizon?

Many who read my blogs or catch up occasionally know my lamentations over the way that CCP has pushed people towards the PvE vs PvP, this more PvE  nature that I think EVE is headed bothers me a hell of a lot.

I read through all the CSM reports and watch all the CSM folks very closely.

So when both Mynxee (whom I admire and respect as much for her attitude as for her PvP abilities over a satellite connection), and Teadaze (from the vaunted halls of Agony Unleashed) both of whom I voted for and both of whom are on the CSM…..They both have expressed some level of frustration with CCP and their Direction.  I get concerned.

When I see expansion after expansion focus on PvE vs PvP ( when they did focus, Dominion became a fucking nightmare for Sov Warfare) I became even MORE concerned.

Now I read this:


“there are many reasons why this is the case but primarily it is my utter disappointment with the way that CCP have handled the recent CSM summit and the future direction of Eve.”

I get worried.

Anyone else seeing a bothersome trend?

~ by Manasiv5 on January 19, 2011.

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  1. In my opinion, you are missing the whole concept of EVE. EVE is not PvP or PvE, EVE is EvE, Environment vs Environment. You are part of my environment, I am part of your environment; the player (P) part ends at the interface between the application and the operating system; all else is environment.

    Take care of the environment, that's all CCP does, and the environment plays itself out.

    Besides, I really think you (and all your fellow bloggers) should stop making the distinction between PvP and PvE, there really isn't such thing. The distinction exists between those players that accept to play the game your way, and those that prefer to play it their way.

  2. HTFU?

    No really, HTFU. This is a PvP change, incursion will affect PvP, if you choose to only see that in a negative light then I am sure you will suffer for it. The creative player will find ways to make the most of this situation. See Calderus Rex's comments.

    Look at it this way, CCP are creating a changing dynamic pvp enviroment. If you are fighting in an incursion it will be different to not fighting in one it will require different tactics and a different mindset. This is a new challenge, I for one am looking forward to it. Even more I am looking forward to our enemies not embracing these changes and suffering from them.

    • Tom Calderus REx Despises PvE, and I am supposed to harden up? I do not LIKE the future DIRECTION of eve so how am I supposed the HTFU about that?

      Throwing pejoratives around benefits no one.

      • I use a phrase that is often bandied about by "elite PvPers" to anyone how is less than happy about being ganked/griefed/killed etc while trying to do something else. While I can't remember if you associate all things PvE with carebear I suspect you know what I am getting at there.

        The HTFU is stop seeing this as only a negative, look for the opportunities this presents. Have you seen what a full incursion means yet? No (no-one has), so how can you be so judgemental and not expect to get called on it?

        I don't really want to have a go at you, but this recent fount of bitterness is not stuborness.

  3. I’m with Rixx and Letrange. I’m a PVPer in Eve, I despise PVE. Mostly b/c in Eve the PVE is terribly repetitive, not because I’m fundamentally against it.

    I for one am extremely excited for Incursions. I cannot wait to gank the carebears who venture into low sec to take part in them. If this is done well it will be like Kirith’s absolutely awesome BMTHOKK event two days ago – tons of dudes all running around low sec fighting and having fun – but on a weekly basis. As long as CCP keeps the risk-effort-reward tradeoff fundamental to Eve intact, then I’m all for it. More PVE means more targets.

    Yes that is a piratical view, and yes, you 0.0 sov duders should have every right to pile 3k pilots into one system and manually cycle your missile spamming drakes for 8 hours. And yes, CCPs #1 priority should be to fix lag – and I’d say they’re making huge progress here.

    I’m not sure where this ‘PVE trend’ view comes from. PI? Sure, PI sucks – I think CCP missed the mark on the effort vs reward scale there – although I have not tried the PI changes just released. Meh, others I’m sure like it more. Incursions is not just PVE though – there will be great fights, much gnashing of teeth and wailing of carebears that happens because of Incursions, and I can’t wait to take part in them.

  4. It’s sad really, the CSM tries to make the game better for everyone that plays currently, but CCP is more concerned about people that don’t play yet. They said flat out that they don’t care about fixing or polishing, as much as adding new features. “No toppings left behind.”

  5. Nope. I don’t. For one thing this all seems to go in cycles, I remember much the same belly aching this time last year over something or other. For the other I completely and totally understand why the PvE element needs to be reinforced and it makes total sense. Expansion. Not of the game, but of the player base. Not everyone is able to play a game the way we do. PvE gives those players more content and content is king. In my mind PvE players are fodder, for our guns and for CCP to make more money to keep making EVE.

    People get frustrated when they don’t get their way.

  6. CCP probably gathered from their marketing statistics that a big part of their subscripions come from players that enjoy PVE and that's where their focus is, at the moment.

    Eve's pvp will never disappear (it's the crux of the economy) nor would they want to, but that is something the players do. As by your example, it's even better when ccp leaves that untouched ;).

  7. Not worried.

    Mainly because of the fact that the PvE is currently, still, a gaping hole in the gameplay of EVE. Besides the whining of all the PvP people about the sansha amuses me after all the "suck it up" comments from the PVP'ers when they gank PvE players.

    Karma baby.

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