Tying things together

Several comments have left me with a few thoughts that make me want to state a fact or two:

Idea 1

The comparison between Playing vs the Environment, Playing vs. a Player …and the distinctions between the two seems to come down to one word.


1.  a derogatory reference to someones complete inability to combat others in EVE

1. Someone who actively avoids player versus player combat in EVE
2. Someone who runs missions in EvE
3. Someone who mines ore in EvE
4. Someone who builds ships/guns/modules in EvE
5. A small bear like cartoon that walks around and is extremely kind to the point of being nauseating

Ok, so I am not a linguist, when I say carebear I mean NOUN definition 1: Someone who actively avoids player vs player combat. Not any of that other horseshit.

Idea 2

The idea that I am an “Elite PvP’er” never crossed my mind, Tom mentioned that he used the phrase that he hears other “Elite PvP’ers” use to talk down to him.  Screw that shit… that is NOT me, I play and I play well.  I have an phenomenal memory and a great grasp of the fundamentals of EvE, but dear lord I am not elite type.  I probably never will be, nor do I aspire to it.

Idea 3

Lastly, one commenter says I do not get the concept of EVE.  I disagree but that is ok, we can have differences of opinion.

I am a long-term analytical planning/ tactical analysis guy.  I look as far forward as I can, and surmise as best possible plans for  what I see coming. Then I move in the best direction I can within whatever confines I have.

Did I predict the sea state change with Dominion?  Hell yes. It has been both good AND bad, I reacted accordingly

Did I predict the speed nerf to ships?  Hell yes again. It removed the solo “I win button” and moved people towards smaller groups, rather than the single pilot.

DO I read the patch notes, dev responses, dev interviews, and any scrap of information I can about EVE?  yes.  Does that give me a substantive argument that I am basing my irritation on? (CCP disregard for veteran players and how they play) Yes I think it does.

Could I be wrong , of course.  No one (even CCP sometimes) seems to know where the hell they are going or doing every second of the day. CCP is known to move one way then jump back another direction (DUST) and then go a completely different third way ( Incarna… )

Does that mean I hate the game?  Not in the least.  I like new challenges, I enjoy learning new things, and gaining a deeper understanding of the game I have played for many years now.

In the end, what has probably leaked through in my writings as of the last few months or maybe 18 months is my frustration with the lack of Vision, Planning and Execution at CCP. Frustration leads to irritation which can ( if I am not careful) lead to bitching and moaning.  The point is I would not bitch and moan if I didn’t like the game as a whole.

CCP’s Vision is vague, their planning (while getting MUCH better) still has issues when trying to communicate with us the players, their execution suffers as they have focused entirely on one end of the spectrum ( bringing people INTO the game) while ignoring the other end (people that have been playing for years)  Thanks to some good comments and a few good posts I get the bringing people in part…I just do not get the ignoring the veterans part.

Perhaps that is just how it will be, but with people thinking about changing Super Carriers, removing Jump bridges, all in an effort to get people into 0.0 (a stated goal on more than one occasion by CCP) this stated goal and their actions conflict, at least as far as I can see.

I appreciate the comments as you guys are great at letting me know if I am off base of just out in left field as normal.

I really do value your input 🙂  I just cannot promise to always agree with it

Take care and “Good Hunting”

~The Mule

~ by Manasiv5 on January 21, 2011.

7 Responses to “Tying things together”

  1. I was tweeting away on twitter trying to find something to cure my boredom – and BOOM – someone I follow tweeted this post. Now, I am not quite as bored. Thanks for posting great material. – Frisbee

  2. #1 – yeah I think that is the correct definition (if such a thing is even possible, by that I mean a "correct" definition of a word)

    #2 – Sorry, it is a pet bugbear of mine. I shouldn't have brought it up and I certainly didn't mean to accuse you of it. I intended it as a comparison not an accusation.

    3# – Possibly. Firstly I totally agree that CCP are not perfect, yet who is? Microsoft? Apple? Blizzard? I think that as a whole CCP are afraid of radical change. There are probably individuals who look at the game and the way the "vets" play (I use the quotes cause frankly I am not a vet, about 32Mil SP, yet I experience the same problems being part of a major null sec alliance) say this sucks we need to improve the game for everyone.

    Do you think that EvE was ever perfect?
    Actually do you think Null sec has been good in the last, 2 years? Would you say there is need for change? I can understand the frustration but at the same time I see movement on CCP's part to improve null sec so more people move there, as more reason for people who are there to stay there!

    I want something more meaningful in EvE's combat. Either I shoot a structure with the brains of a toad, I camp a gate with 15 others killing single ships as they come through or we all pile into a system and experience LAG. Even if there wasn't lag major fleet battles aren't really that interesting on an individual level. Lock Primary,secondary, tertiary, shoot primary til dead, switch to new primary, lock new tertiary….repeat…oh I am primaried…oh I am dead. Try to get out of system and re-ship. It may as well be a L4.

    Ok sorry this has gone everywhere I don't really know what I am saying.

  3. Unfortunately the term “elite” when used to reference another is like the term “arrogant” when used to reference someone who always has the right answer at work. It isn’t that the person tries to be arrogant. It’s just that they refuse to dumb themselves down so their co-workers seem smarter somehow. Now, I’m a carebear. That’s because I made a choice to be a carebear, with due intelligence applied. I wanted to make my 1st billion ISK by mining and manufacturing. It did not require a lot of skill and allowed me to train my non-carebear skills for nearly 3 years. I also learned what EVE “society” is like and where I am likely to fit in. I don’t plan to be a carebear forever. Okay, enough about me. If someone calls you elitist take it as a complement. It means they recognize something in you they are envious of, whether they can admit it or not. And regardless of what other’s say, never give yourself less than your very best. If that makes others call you elite feel pride in having succeeded!

  4. Idea #1: Totally agree. A lot of players in AMC are miners and industrialists, but when the feces hit the proverbial fan the claws come out and would-be aggressors receive a can of whoop-ass.

    Idea #2: I don’t know what is worse… an elite PvPer or someone who THINKS he’s an elite PvPer. I know I don’t strive to be elite… I just want to blow stuff up!

    Idea #3: There are irritatings things in EVE? News to me 🙂

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