2 corps leave IT

So what?  We kicked five corps in 1 week, OK actually I kicked them at the request of the council but still..2 corps from 27 is a cascade?  I think not.  The great thing about a “good” corp leaving is that it does one of two things: 1) Shakes the others up or 2) makes the weak corps leave anyways.

Would I like to have two more corps to fight with, well yes… I would…. but if they would not engage anyways, they no one is missing anything are they?  Nope.

We have been told by people that we are quick to kick and perhaps that is true, I would imagine that other alliances are not quick enough.  From what I read and hear Finfleet and X13 were decent corps, so I am sure IT will miss them.

One slight note with EN24, your only ever getting someone else’s view of the conflict, the true version is somewhere between two completely opposing sides.  SO remember when you read that drivel, yes drivel. For those of you who are goons: Definition 2 is the one I am using (that’s the one with the 2 next to it).

Definition of DRIVEL

intransitive verb

1: to let saliva dribble from the mouth : slaver

2: to talk stupidly and carelessly

In other news it seems that most folks have redone their pictures, mine was also re-done but I’m not too happy with it.  I need to zoom in a little closer and I have had EVE crash twice trying to recreate my picture.  That is pretty rare for me the box I run is self built and normally runs like the well tuned machines that it is.

I have been able to get out an fight a bit.

This last weekend and old SYS-K , IT  FC was leading the IT fleet in fountain we were with and killed TCU’s in abandoned systems in Fountain.  Why place TCU’s in abandoned systems?  To boost morale  is why. They must need the boost as I was on the kill for 5 of the TCU’s.

We kicked ROL in the teeth yesterday three different fleets came in and engaged SYS-K and got curb-stomped twice and solidly beaten the third time.  It happens that way at times.

Some have asked if we afraid of losing space..my question is why would we be afraid of losing something that isn’t real?  It is just a blob of color on a map.  Does that mean I won’t fight?  Hell no… of course I will I am just not gonna get wrapped around the axle ( goons… that means get emotional and upset) just because someone ” oh noes …takes my space”…  CEPTA will go on.  Rebellions live in the hearts of the fearless pilot not in the mewling ( goons.. that means crying)

Definition of MEWL

intransitive verb

1 : to cry weakly : whimper

Yes, I know there are quite a few folks in goons that are not raving idiots, those that I do know… those definitions aren’t for you… they are for your  half bred brethren.

TC all ( yes even goons) & Good Hunting ( friends of SYS-K & IT)

~ by Manasiv5 on January 25, 2011.

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  1. I quote you in my latest blog post on journalistic bias in Eve. Come check it out!

  2. It wasn't how many left so much as who. FinFleet's been around since 2007 and was a legacy BOB corporation. Klezz seems to have a lot of respect in the Eve community, and his post on the way out the door lifted the shades on a lot of internal churn among IT's leadership. And everybody love's a good office drama.

    EN24 will post pretty much anything that puts eyes on the site. *Shrugs* I use it as a rattling tin can to alert me to when something's going on. But I never take the content at face value. If I took EN24 seriously, I'd never stop convulsing over the lack of editing. Swear to god, they'll post anybody's ravings there.

    But you've got to admit, despite their sources and the lack of English language skills, that's the first place most people go when the s**t hits the fan.

  3. Be careful when insulting your enemies – it makes for bad PR. The goons have existed for so long because behind the drivel, is a competent and thoughtful playerbase. Our (well, TEST's) trolling is for the most part an act. We act stupid to make it look you got killed by idiots, which makes you look worse.

    Also, those TCU's were a major moral boost for us. We had the impression that our campaign had stalled, that IT had the chance to turn the tide. Now with those TCU's gone, all hope is lost:(

  4. Yes, EN24 is extremely biased, not inherently, but only because their writers are on the other side of the fence. But anyone can be a writer for EN24. All IT or one of their allies needs to do is write something and send it in. Maybe even get someone to write pieces from the “IT perspective” on a regular basis.

    “Why place TCU’s in abandoned systems? To boost morale is why.”

    Why waste time and energy destroying TCU’s in abandoned systems? To boost morale is why. Does everyone in the IT bloc seriously think that Dekco/NC/whoever-IT-thinks-they’re-fighting needs a morale boost after curbstomping IT in Z30? Oh but wait, IT didn’t want those Titans anyway, amirite? Or maybe Dekco needs a morale boost after a month of fighting, in which IT has won a grand total of 1 (o-n-e) engagement? And while you were on that topic, you forgot to mention that IT replaced the TEST TCUs in those “abandoned systems” with TCUs of their own… but I suppose they’re not abandoned anymore so it’s okay, right?

    “…why would we be afraid of losing something that isn’t real? It is just a blob of color on a map.”

    So you’re abandoning one blob of color on a map to defend another blob of color on a map? Sounds a bit like “we didn’t want that space anyway, but we’re only going to leave it when our IT maste-… allies request our presence in some other fight that has nothing to do with us.” All I can say is good luck, because this is IT (pun definitely intended). IT has brought everyone (EVERYONE!!! – get the reference?) that still has them blue, including some brosefs that are looking for a new region to settle. If they can’t win now… game over. Btw, even if you do succeed and then go back down to retake period basis, what do you think the goons will do to Fountain while you’re gone? Face it, IT’s politics have made them a lot of enemies, and now they’re surrounded on all sides.

    Btw, I really like your blog (and PK’s blog, incidently). But you have to keep in mind that Goons/TEST are very good at trolling. So all the mocking and name calling (raving idiots? half-breeds? for real?) that you dudes do you in your blogs… those are the proverbial ‘tears’ that everyone in eve talks about. It shows everyone that the trolling is getting to you. It shows everyone that you’re weak. Don’t advertise your weaknesses. It only makes every Dekco military victory all the more tasty.

    TC and post often!

    • your prolly 100% right on the Bias..as for not wanting it? I do want it ( the space) I just have had an epiphany of sorts and just dot not really care all that much, except that I'd have to find a NEW home…which would be a PITA. I don't know I've never liked goons their mentality and whatnot…one of the reasons I dislike the goons is because of their tactics…none the less thanks for pointing it out. As for not reporting about the TCU they placed… I didn't know that but it is a good idea.

      If the only place they can find one guy ME crying is here they not looking hard enough is my guess

  5. Well as a bit of a nullsec news junkie, I can tell you that EN24 may be a bit slanted because of the absence of informed opposing views. The site is unique in at least trying to get information out and is easier to read than digging into Kugu or God help us all CAOD. As you’ve pointed out numerous times, there is trepidation in discussing internal politics and strategic decision making in some alliances, which is all well and good, but it tends to leave a vacuum. An enterprising Alliance can take advantage of that absence and generate whatever story it wishes.

    Information Operations should be closely synchronized with OPSEC. If your alliance has a strong OPSEC component but no Info Ops capability, or even a simple Public Affairs Officer as it were, then you may be at a disadvantage. The bottom line is EN24 may push out drivel, but a lot of folks are reading it and while some may not make decisions based on sole source information, such data can indirectly shape everything from recruitment efforts to finances.

  6. I'm increasingly becoming aware of the fact that we are on opposite sides of an invisible fence… and yes, I am slow. Having said that, since (as my Father would say) I don't really have a dog in the fight, I hope the fence doesn't come between us. Y'know, cause that would be sad and all.

    • bahh fences only exist to keep people separated…I have no need of any fence …if your neutral and below I shoot…. and I expect that same treatment. If you wanna go "guns safe" in a system I'd respect that too. I NEVER talk in local every now and then I do make an exception…you would be one of them bro.

      Good Hunting ( no matter the side)

      Oh and your not a god damned goon 🙂

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