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Lots of snow stuff happening in my neck of the woods and let me tell you it played Havoc with stuff around here.

The IT stuff, it seems that like most things people love kicking people when they see those they perceive as stronger, or larger, or better fall.  It is just that though,  a perception, the simple reality is that, get enough people together and they can run around and beat you about the head and shoulders.  I am simply not that type of guy that enjoys that type of stuff, if anything it makes me push the opposite direction harder.  Could they have done things better, sure, but so could everyone else. Kicking a corp/alliance/player that is down, is the equivalent of shooting the brand new 1 day old character, and enjoying it.  This doesn’t condone stupid mean s hit that they have done either I am sure there are plenty of things they could have done differently.

I learn as best I can from it and realized very quickly that treating enemies with a modicum of respect doesn’t hurt.  Do I like goons etc?  No not really, would I buy a goon a drink at 2011 FanFest?  Depends on the goon I suppose.

One thing to note about me is I almost NEVER EVER speak in local.  I just absolutely do not like it.  NO gf, not gg, no nothing.  That just me I guess, as many think it is a sport.  I’m glad I can just minimize it, this blog however I do use to express my irritation and use it as a catharsis and so occasionally I do post not nice things about goons and such, realize if you will reader most is said tongue planted firmly in cheek.


When I heard they were introducing the SSE2 instruction set in 1.1 of incursion I did not think much of it.  Until 4 of my corp-mates realized they could no longer play EVE on their laptops.  So I am calling CCP’s bluff in the numbers they posted with the .03% of their user base.  These 5 guys hold 11 accounts 11 accounts of of 130 or so in corp means that they are almost 8.5% of my corp.  I didn’t think that this one hing would matter so much but apparently it certainly did.


API is going SSL, well good, knowing how much over the wire stuff can be sniffed it is HIGH time they did this.


I was mentioned (twice) by Chainer Cygnus and Garheade in their podcast:

always nice to be mentioned by someone, I am listening as I type this.

BTW if Sansha Invasions (if the happen in my home I will be required to deal with it) I guess that’s where my focus was.  You guys were quite right as was Rixx Javix from eveoganda that it certainly will bring some folks in.

Drat maybe I did get some BOVD  (bitter old vet disease)  Duly noted I’ll see if you cannot provide me a cure!

Special Note the EVE TRIBUNE has an excellent article on all the new podcast article

~ by Manasiv5 on January 28, 2011.

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  1. At least you see the truth about IT: they are as bad as 1-day-old players. Too bad they couldn’t keep from shit talking Goons and TEST and making us come down there and clear them out of Fountain.

    Next stop Fortress Delve!

    P.S. See you at fanfest…should I bring mace?

  2. Sorry to hear that you're jaded. I suppose it's just the brutal nature of eve. Most of what you see in local channels and on forums is just trolling, the psychological warfare. Both sides do it, but IT doesn't seem to be very good at it. The truth is that, despite our overwhelming hatred for each other, there is a certain amount of mutual respect. Speaking from a dekco perspective, it's common knowledge now that we've invited several enemy CEOs and FCs onto our comms for Q&A sessions during the 6VDT operation, and for the most part, these sessions have been pretty chill.

    "Kicking a corp/alliance/player that is down, is the equivalent of shooting the brand new 1 day old character, and enjoying it."

    Considering that IT only joined the southern war to finish off AAA when AAA was already down and out, call it justice. IT may be vulnerable, but they're far from innocent.

    The simple fact is that the goonswarm and IT/BoB are age-old, mortal enemies. The truth is that this war has been going on for years, and in war, you don't ease the pressure when your enemy is down. If anything, you up the pressure and hit your enemy where it hurts the most. All the forum and local trolling follows the same principle, although it can be a bit exhausting for those that aren't used to it.

    TC and I hope to see you on the battlefield.

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  4. Comparing attacking IT to killing a day old newbie? Really?


    IT, who have inherited the arrogance of the old-days band of brothers and can't see that their glory has faded despite years of disastrous campaigns? IT, who started the great war by literally shooting day old newbies and enjoying it?

    Kicking somebody who considers /themselves/ to be stronger and better when they are down is delicious, glorious justice.

    Anyway, this is eve. Winning means kicking until your enemy is back in empire, and barring a cascade in the very immediate future delve 3 is far from over.

    • meh not the analogy I was going for….those that don't like IT still won't…my point wasn't to convince anyone..

      I guess even as jaded as I can be I am simply not that type of pilot.

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