So,  IT is “falling apart”, systems are under attack, people panic.

Relaxing  a bit is something I have been TRYING to do that last few days, “don’t sprint Manasi” I keep saying to myself.

If anything has been proven over the last week it is that most people value their ships to a huge degree and losing them even to the most battle hardened vet is not a “fun” experience.

I would love to detail a battle report or two, but sadly I have not really been in any, I secured my Nightmare, and some faction loot and helped others do the same.

I was certainly frustrated with NOT being able to engage in a fight.  Spinning my ship is not something I do.  I dig into my tracking data, websites,  plans, and start fiddling.

Just like the tides, news seems to flow outward, then rush back.  People react to the news, which I suppose in a normal reaction.


API changes just got MORE complicated ( or will soon as least become that way)

Simply verifying a person is who they say they are is going to ( IMO) become even MORE difficult.

Looks like kill-boards may not require FULL API’s, but we shall see.

The bad news is that ANY changes to the API system will surely result in major unintended consequences.


Alts seem to be the “bane” of security.  Many people have them and most capital heavy corps USE them extensively. Hell I have 3 myself.  So how to keep track of these alts continues to be a very difficult thing to do.  One of the things I try to do is protect the alliance, as best I can. On it’s surface the tasks seem uncomplicated, dig into the details and it gets VERY very tough to manage.

What is the difficulty?  Alt’s are the difficulty to be honest.  Not 100% sure on how other Alliances track these things or even attempt to do so…


I have had a few people ask me “Why do you guys support IT?”  A fair question to be sure but the answer si going to be too simple for some to accept.

let me detail a few facts:

  1. We pay them no rent
  2. We show up to help them as they ahve shown up to help us
  3. They ASK us for help
  4. We ASK them for help

No where, is anything demanded.  They do not do it, nor do we.  We have been friends with IT for a VERY long time, and so now that they need help from a friend, we show up. That is about it.

A couple people complained that in my last post I made a false comparison between a new player and IT.  On the surface they are right, they are two very different types of people ( EXCEPT) that they both need help.  That need for help was what I should have compared.  Someone needs help we do our best to accommodate that.


I saw some absolutely ridiculous losses against a Sansha Incursion, seems they will tweak them a bit as some people been having a REALLY tough time with them.

TC all and Good Hunting

~ by Manasiv5 on January 31, 2011.

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  1. Standing up for our friends is important in-game and out, otherwise what do we have? Even when we know those friends might not be the best friends, or the strongest, or the best intentioned. In all cases, during challenging times, I have stood by my friends as best I could. Any other choice is unthinkable in my opinion.

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