Seems as if IT is crumbling.  I do not say it lightly, nor without some disappointment, it seems that with one of the pillars gone it was just a matter of time.

Having lived “next door to the juggernaut” you really do not appreciate things until they start to go, then you want them to come back.  Changes ebb and flow like the tides sometimes you can stand back sometimes you have to surf the tide.  We shall certainly see what comes with the next few weeks.

The mad rush into Querious & the inroads made into Period Basis seem to be a major problem for SYS-K.  Much in the news, and most of the time spoken about with nasty tones, we simply did not want to let our friends fight alone.  Call it being neighborly or whatnot.  When you start seeing the next door neighbors house empty going from 10 cars to 8 to 6 etc…eventually you start to notice.

When the old corps ( former LR) that were ejected out of SYS-K start grumbling ” we want our old home back” without remembering that our old leader Liam basically held the line so they could HAVE the space to begin with, you begin to realize that yes the inmates are indeed running the asylum.  DO I wish them Ill?  Hardly.  Whoever their neighbor is next to Querious will control their destiny.  It is just that way. Such is the way with SYS-K.  If Querious falls so will we, for all that CCP wants to completely screw with logistics and make it harder, I am not sure there is any more difficult place to run logistics from than from Period Basis or Paragon Soul.  That is not a complaint it is a definite fact, when your Jump freighters have to have Jump Calibration level 5 to even THINK about making it you know your way the hell out there on the edge.

It is too far to get from Period Basis to Stain ( NPC space) via Carrier Jumps ( 6-7 perhaps as there is no way to directly jump into Period Basis from Stain) so you have to go through Querious or Delve to get there.

You can get to it from Paragon Soul gates but again only via gates there is nothing in Paragon Soul within Jump range that I could find.  Could you get there?  Yes but not without station systems, and it woudl be a tough move to say the least.

One of the best things about chaos is that it tests every control system you have and you can see whether or not your planning and all your work actually does indeed help.

I will report on any activities and aftermaths as I can.

TC all and Good Hunting.

~ by Manasiv5 on February 4, 2011.

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  1. While I wish you well in your move, [I wish I had got more of my stuff out before…] I have to say I am surprised at the speed of the demise.

    SYS-K have controlled PB [30 systems] for nearly a year and with a membership of over 1000 in 20 corps.

    I do appreciate that the numbers coming in are overwhelming and unmanageable at the moment, however, perhaps the area governed was just too large for the given population?

    The assisting IT fleets that I joined we in the 300’s but most of the roaming & defence fleets back in PB were usually about 100. I am not convinced that 10% activity at the front is good enough to be able to defend one’s space. So what is to be done? Hopefully in the next area a more concise management will be forthcoming so that home can be protected a little longer, if only to be able to rescue resources…

  2. Poignant post Manasi, and well written.

    Tough times, but fingers crossed that you come out of it smelling like a rose.

  3. Good post, dude. It's a shame that IT seems to be failing atm.

    You're definitely right about the huge effects that the logistics changes that CCP's considering will have on 0.0. It's particularly tough on the outer drone regions and Period Basis. If CCP does implement those changes, they need to consider making controlling those regions much more lucrative. Some might contend that the alliances that control those regions could manage without empire access, but production in EVE has become way too global for that, especially T2 production.

    Good luck mate.

  4. Good luck out there. I am not surprised at IT's imminent demise, having watched the news over the past couple of months. It's pilot malaise seems to indicate membership has moved on to other things. As you've pointed out many a time, bloat is never a good thing and I think IT is just the latest example of bloatitis. Maybe it will survive in a leaner form, but most likely not North of you guys. We'll see.

    • Agreed latrodanes, excellent point bro, very big very bloated full of people that just didn't want to have to work, I'm not thinking of anyone in particular but you and I knwo they type of player I'm talking about.

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