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Go read Easley Thames post : http://www.evenews24.com/2011/02/07/easly-thames-sensitive-dependence-on-initial-conditions/ he sums up IT’s issues quite well and has some excellent commentary as well regarding the Southern coalitions and powerblocks.

Once a tiny bit more time passes I will do the same things regarding SYS-k to give a different viewpoint.  Granted, I do not nor did not at the time, have extremely high level intel on why we were going where etc, but none the less the viewpoint may indeed help those not familiar with southern fighting a bit more.

I am glad the EN24 has allowed a writer on the side of those supporting IT to be published on theri site.  One of the issues I ahd was that it always seemed negative to SYS-K and IT and anyone else helping them but hey I guess everyone writes from a point of view.  Objectivity is dead it seems, propaganda is on the rise.

For those wondering I ahve not even undocked to give anyone “invading” PB anything close to a fight.  Most of SYS-K is extremely tired and tbh worn out.  IN  an Alliance of roughly 650 people  some are EU TZ some are US TZ you can do the numbers.  We simply wish to give the invaders nothing if not a pain in the ass of dismantling the infrastructure we put in place.  That is quite right we wish to only be a huge pain in the ass.  No fights, no engagements, no fun.  You want it blow it all up and do your own shit.  Certainly burn out on the Alliance level is not hard to do.  Realizing that this game is loved by many who are willing to commit so much to it should give those unfamiliar with EVE a slight glimpse into the enthralling depths within EVE.

More changes are coming to SYS-k to be honest most of which I will not go into here currently.

To the poor bitter moron that posted about “losing stuff takes so much time” no, not really, I been busy with other stuff tbh.

Good hunting all.


~ by Manasiv5 on February 7, 2011.

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  1. When EvE News 24 asked Molle for an interview, didn’t he demand ISK? (The trolling can be so thick, I am not sure if that was true) Watching the psyOps aspect of EVE wars is always interesting for me. The psychological battle is more important than the actual pew.

    Good luck with transitions, I hope you can keep things fun.

  2. Burn out happens. And losing stuff happens. Eve tbh is a zero-sum game. So yeah, we lost space. We’ll be back. And we will rebuild. So long as we learn from our mistakes, it was not a total loss.

    Like it or lump it, propaganda is an invaluable tool. Chomsky’s Manufactured Consent is a really good read; I recommend you pick it up some time.

  3. Personally I am encouraged that propaganda is on the rise, hopefully that translates into more isk for yours truly.

    On the other hand, I've been in your current position many times m8 and I feel for you and your corp. Hang tight, do right and eventually the worm turns once more.

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