If you hadn't guessed

Hey guys if you hadn’t guessed SYS-K is disbanding.  With Querious falling very rapidly there was simply no way to keep a logistical route operational.

If you have no logistical route you have no way to resupply.

I will be on the Alliance/Corp panel at Fanfest 2011.  So yea, I guess you’ll get to see my ugly mug 🙂 Looks like I will certainly have “good company”.

On the Panel so far:

1. manasi from Systematic-Chaos/CEPTA
2. DNSBLACK from Dirt Nap Squad.
3. The Mittani from Goonswarm Federation
5. Vuk Lau from Morsus Mihi
6. Alekseyev Karrde from Noir. Mercenary Group

So that part should be cool, to say the least.


It bothered me some, I have to admit after putting countless hours into recruiting, writing 100 or so spreadsheets to track stuff, measuring corp performance, running counter intelligence operations, and managing the websites/TS3 ( I had help with the web stuff  thank god) and the killboard, well I was a VERY busy guy. Oh plus I was a council member (non-voting) who advised the leadership on my various activities.  I enjoyed my role, I enjoyed the ride, now I just look forward to being able to just “play” the game.  The bothered part was quickly eclipsed, by the freedom to do what I wanted again.

When we first joined SYS-K we did not really know what to expect.  In the end, we had fun, we worked really hard, and we were able to participate in some of the most Epic battles EVE has ever seen:




While we may have had some detractors due to personal issues with leaders, we always did our best to show up, and in the end that is really all you can ask people to do. When no one else would stand by our friend, we did so.


CEPTA will go on.

As a CORP we are a die hard bunch, fighting beside one another lends itself to trusting the other guy.  Without CEPTA I honestly would not have crap.  No Carrier, No Dreadnought, nadda. SO we are liquidating some extra assets, streamlining operations a bit and slimming down the asset list as it were.

Winding down an Alliance will take some time I am sure. Liquidating assets, paying any debts, and settling the balance sheet ( yes we had/have one…I wrote it) will all take some time. That nice little chartreuse color in the Sov map will eventually fade away.  Locked in our minds ( and in the “places you have lived” stats in the celestial map) I will always remember the area.

TC for now I will keep you all posted.

Good Hunting.

~ by Manasiv5 on February 8, 2011.

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  1. I had some of my best pvp experiances with sys-k, but the debacle with hostile bubbles in pos's i left

  2. I can't ever be sorry that an IT/BoB related entity is dying. Sorry I just dislike them that much. (yeah, I think that makes me sorry I am not sorry). However I am excited for you. New begining new opportunities, new home. I hope this provides you with lots of fun, less work and more pure Eve enjoyment.

  3. Thanks for long and nice war. Was funny to read all the propaganda here, we all had good time visiting your site. You did quite efficient work trying to keep spirit in Sys-k, even in hopeless situations, props for that – we read all your ally mails and sometimes ally chat conversations, and always was like: c'mon, this guy is really trying! Respect. Good job, imho you did not deserve to be a part of such overbloated alliance with no identity, skill, and without any chance for progress in the future, because of ally profile I guess. Well, at last when Darthublio jr. left, we all was pretty sure this is a begining of the end, witch makes us sad, like Native Americans was kind of broken when last Bisons left… For now we will live in Big Blue Sea, and it sucks 🙂 Good luck in your new part of Galactic Manasi, take care.

    • CatformCheshire, thanks mate. I appreciate it. Yes this blog was used for propaganda at times to encourage SYS-K. I am glad you read it, and enjoyed it if you could. Best wishes mate. Good Hunting in the big Blue sea 😉

  4. I can't wait to hear about some of the panel's discussions, which ought to be very interesting given the time to internalize Dominion's changes.

    "Always look on the bright side of life…" Think of this as an opportunity to refocus your efforts. As others have pointed out, owning that much space so far out sounds like a log nightmare on the best of days, let alone with war on two fronts.

    I am sure CEPTA will do just fine, as will you. Fly safe.

  5. Having run an alliance before I know the work that goes into even the smallest ones. Sir, I salute you. From the sounds of it your corp should land on it’s feet. Good luck with the withdrawl.

  6. A sad loss indeed. Sys-k was my first null sec alliance and even if I left it because leadership policies became questionable, I followed it very closely and always wished it a most sincere success.

    I do not agree in the conclusions you drew for disbanding the alliance. Logistics become a problem only if you completely ignore the other elements of the game apart from pvp.

    Another victim of the blinkered pvp-only fighting-solves-everything gamestyle.

    I wish you fun, as always, in your further adventures.

    • Motto of the corp " fighting solves everything" bro…none the less thanks for your well wishing, best wishes in the future!

  7. Not surprised but still it is a serious bummer m8. As someone who has sadly been a part of >cough< several fallen Alliances I know what it feels like. My best to you all.

    On another note. If, by chance, you are looking for a fun place to cool your heels with no Sov wars to deal with and plenty of good fights to be had… I know a place that would be perfect.

    Something to think about.

  8. You guys (Cepta) have solid leadership and a can-do attitude. You can write your own ticket on joining an alliance. Good luck out there …

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