CSM election time

Hey guys I was/Am very proud that both folks I voted for Mynxee and Teadaze were both elected to the 5th CSM.  it is voting time again and I would like to support either of those two people but I can tell you I am voting for one returning member:


No silly people not me, but Vote Trebor Daehdoow for CSM6 – You might win Billions of ISK!

It is just a silly attempt at ballot box stuffing but might be fun.


In all seriousness the CSM IS a very good thing.  Do I like their current ideas about screwing with logistics?  Hell no, but aside form that one small disagreement they REALLY do good work.

I will keep you all posted on who ELSE might be a decent candidate the matching service they had last time was pretty awesome. Having 4 votes means I get to look at more than 1 person 🙂

TC all and as always , Good Hunting.

~ by Manasiv5 on February 9, 2011.

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  1. I received a jabber broadcast from the mittani a few days ago. He is organizing a big 0.0 election sweep, possibly beyond the NC-DC power block system. In the past, 0.0 entities have been very successful at getting their candidates elected.

    With most of 0.0 theoretically not voting for anyone in highsec or anyone from CSM5, highsec will have to concentrate their votes on one or two people just to get enough votes to get anyone in.

    The only non-NC/DC/0.0 member I would like to see elected is Trebor. Well, I'd rather have Mynxee back, but we can't have everything. I recommend all highsec players to concentrate their votes on Trebor, and get this wise man back to Iceland.

    Also, he has hand anodized titanium assault sporks. Don't mess with this man.

  2. Last I heard neither Mynxee or Teadaze was going to run.

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