Where do we go from here?

Now that we have for all intents and purposes abandoned PB. Where do we go from here?  Good question it seems.  Many people have been kind and offered me in particular and CEPAT in general, different places that we could go.  Where we will end up?  Unknown.

What I DO know is that I will not be doing the following:

  • Mission running
  • Mining
  • Market Trading
  • Living in WH space

When I first came back in 2007 ( after my extended Hiatus) I ran missions for a LONG time to get my Caldari Navy Faction to the level where I could make Jump clones in and Navy station in Empire(+8.63).  It was a horrendous number of missions, so many so that no matter what, THAT bit of game play will not be something I do again.

While the margins on Mining have improved some ( Nocxium anyone) and Tritanium as well, the cash per time invested is just too low for what I am looking for. Plus hulkageddon is IIRC still rampaging…

Market Trading requires a BIG investment in time and energy and while it can be an extremely lucrative style of play it is not one that interests me at all.

Living in WH space just does not appeal either.  I HATE POS life so that is the main detractor.

On with what I could do:

  • Run Incursions ~ clearly my abilities with 3 of the 4 races remote rep capabilities will be useful here but with the rewards = absolute shit I am not sure if it is worth it yet.
  • Roam about in NPC 0.0 ~ certainly can be a viable option.. I will have to break out my command ships and see if they could help a  medium sized gang.  Small gang warfare is not my cup of tea as I like to be able to fly cruisers class and above and not have to worry about speed so much.  I can do it if needed or if one of our FC’s wanted it but ir requires very tight co-ordination before you can sometimes pull it off, so it is viable  I will have to see.
  • Hit and run in a bomber ~ certainly I could do this type of warfare and perfect some skills in bombing runs.
  • Black Ops attacks~ a very viable play style, harassing people with a black ops ship would I think be great fun but some more training would be needed

I revel in the freedom to do anything again.  I am exuberant with choices, I hear people say “we cannot do this or that” and simply say to myself…Why not?  We can do Anything we want, which after shepherding an Alliance and worrying about X & Y for 2years 7 months and a few days is actually quite liberating.

If faced with choices what would you all do?  Maybe there is something I am missing? Please do let me know.

TC and good hunting all.

~ by Manasiv5 on February 11, 2011.

12 Responses to “Where do we go from here?”

  1. Ah come on Manasi, hauling missions is where its at 🙂

  2. Some sort of fight club is forming in Delve. Just a suggestion…

  3. All those bullet points sound familiar to me… oh yeah, cause we do them everyday! Sheesh, I’m telling ya come down to Syndicate and help us build something new and have some fun for a change. Seriously.

  4. My suggestion is one of two things: Curse or Syndicate 🙂

  5. Of course DRF has more space than they can possibly defend given the population of their PvP alliances. You and yours could always grief the snot out of some of their more remote renters and then take over a few of their constellations while the DRF are occupied elsewhere.

    Just a thought (ok, an eeeeeevil thought)

  6. I've always found small gang warfare to be the most liberating but it can also be the most frustrating if you aren't well versed in the needed skills and tactics. I was a little put off when I initially read your comment about not being able to fly much above cruiser class in small gangs, but I guess I can see where you are coming from though honestly the small-gang paradigm has shifted from cruiser/HAC to BC/Logi in most area's, though cruisers, Vagabonds especially are usually welcome in most any fleet, I do know that Syndicate crawls at times with 3-15 man BC/BS gangs that might whet your interest. Good luck with all the choices out there!

    • Well I guess i was kind of stuck in my thinking. I can fly every races HAC/Recons, plus almost every BC and 3 of 4 logi's…

      Thanks everyone for your thoughts 🙂

      I appreciate them!

  7. You didn't mention PI, or have you lumped that in with mining?

    I don't do it myself as I have no alts, however you said

    Maybe there is something I am missing?

  8. Have you ever thought about pirating? Just roaming lowsec and killing anything that moves or looks at you funny?

    It's a whole new challenge, especially if you try to do it solo.

  9. Running Incursions is the same as running high level missions, with some screwy rulesets and gameplay added, IMHO. I think you'd get weary of them within 10 minutes.

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