CCP = the wind

Simply stated wherever CCP the wind to our sails as it were blows that is where we go.

After 6 days with no access to my blog has given me a few minutes to think about stuff.

I posted this a day ago in the EVE-O forums ( yes I tread very lightly there the trolls are fairly beastly and not getting noticed there is a GOOD thing none the less I wrote:

Ok but I have been waiting for an answer to the question “Why?”

Why invest so much: time, energy, and incredible graphics, manpower, CSM time, hundreds of meetings, on an {optional) thing?

If is strictly is to draw in new players so that a new player has an idea of how things function in eve, excellent, but SAY so.

If it is to make a more immersive experience ( which has been bandied about and SOME have said why your doing this) fine. Confirmation of this would be nice.

Give us the information so that we know WHY this is being done.

Once we know WHY something is being done, we can connect the pieces together, and develop a cohesive ” this is why CCP is doing this”

You want to make EVE more like a themepark game, fine, just say so.

There has been no vision expressed as to why this needs to be done other than we want to best sci-fi MMO there is. That statement is too broad and never reachable, Success must be measured by meeting concrete goals to fulfill and overall vision.
How do Planteray flight, DUST 514, Incarna, Fixes to Sov, CSM all contribute towards your vision? It seems so damned scattered brained that even trying to make sense of what is being done is nearly impossible.

Do i want the deep dark secret, no.

I want a Vision, expressed with solid steps, defined by measurable goals so that after 7 years of playing this game I do not HAVE to ask why.

You want to surpise me? Feel free, I like surprises.

Does this look Nice? Certainly, but again I am left with WHY would I wish to exit from my ship (other than to admire my existing ships) if just to walk around my cabin?

Seems pointless and you CCP are better than pointless.

I am not alone it seems as many are questions that 5 years of work has led them to showing us captains quarters. CQ for short. 5 years? Yes indeed according to them at the 2009 FF they had spent 3 years on it…

Do you share a similar thought?  Are you happy you get to play WoW in EvE?  Am I just suffering from BOVS ( Bitter old vet syndrome) As always no one (even CCP many times which is the heart of the matter) seems to know where they are going.  Where it will end up?  Who knows…please do share your thoughts I’m interested to be sure on what others think.

~ by Manasiv5 on February 18, 2011.

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  1. I posted some random response that probably makes no sense at all because i dont proof read my posts lol.

  2. FYI, I linked to this post in my own blog.

  3. I have not been playing EvE consistantly but my first account with CCP was over 5 years ago at this point. I have greatly enjoyed the changes that have come to pass in EvE but I find myself asking a similar question; Where are they going with this?

    I will never be a WoW player for reasons that no one (that I have found as of yet) shares and I don’t want EvE to be anything like it even if I don’t have to participate in it.

    Full body avatars, sataions to walk around in and planets to walk around on; I’m fine with all of those things. But in all of that there is another question; Is what they’re adding, make what already exists truely better?

    Expansion for the sake of expansion is like eating just so that you can take a dump. More than 3 years in the making? Thats cool. Quantity, more is always better. But what about quality?

    Expansion for the sake of quality and excelence of the whole not just the new. You might have something there, something worth fighting for. If not…

  4. I find it intriguing that, even though you and I come at it from totally opposite directions, we end up at a similar point. That is, I love the visions of Incarna we saw several years ago, before they disappeared and stopped talking about it.

    CQ doesn't even begin to address that vision. A 3D interface to the things I can do now? Yeah, that doesn't please the people like me (who want significantly more immersion in EVE) nor the people like you (who want to get on with their spaceship pew).

    While I don't think that CQ nor Incarna turns EVE into WoW in any meaningful sense, once the player base has had a few weeks to play with what we'll get here, then we'll shrug and move on to other things. There's no gameplay whatsoever, either explicit or emergent. You can't even "socialize" with other players / avatars, as this build will not allow you to ever enter anyone else's space.

    They buffed ship spinning. So what?

    I want to believe that the second iteration will have the "awesome" we've been promised for so long, I do. But I think CCP has lost sight of the fundamental reasons why people loved some of the older expansions that actually expanded the range of choices in the game. We haven't had that in a while, sadly.

    Forgive me if I turned this into an extended rant. Maybe I'll put up a blog post this weekend based on all this.

  5. Even though I see no need for a lot of the new changes I can’t say that I dislike them. I want EvE to live a very long life because when it shuts down I will be back to not having anything to play 😦

    SO from that perspective I love drawing in new players and keeping carebears, pirates, everyone as happy as possible.

    I’m just more disappointed that CCP still has so much work to do on things that they have already introduced. I wish they could take a break, fix the broken EvE, and then add new shinies.

  6. I believe this new content is driven by:

    1. Semi-private company. The majority ownership is by the founders, so they have to only answer to themselves. The “development of content” is to please the minority ownership, not the players.

    2. WoW envy. Yes, even though EVE is superior in so many ways, they just don’t have the subscription base like WoW. Thus, they drive aspects of EVE toward WoW that maybe the casuall MMO player will choose spaceships, not elves.

    3. CCP internal cliques and power struggles. To me, there seems to be 3 or so “camps” within the company, each with a different plan, jockeying to be “the one”. There can’t be a definite plan with multiple plans competing against each other.

    We’ll never get a definitive “This is what we’re doing and why”. Too many conflicts and comittments.

  7. Manasi, I like your blog, I sincerely don’t know why because you’re completely on the opposite end of my being, but I can’t help checking in every day for the next post. I think it’s a case of opposites attract.

    Anyways, I don’t expect anything from CCP except to find their servers online when I wish to play, for the duration that my subscription is active. I am not a lawyer or student of any philosophical school of thought, yet I do not think we (as playerbase) are in any position to dictate anything to CCP. The only forces at work here are the standard market forces; if I don’t like what I see, I look elsewhere, and this is true for anyone in the marketplace. CCP has all the right to take the game where they see more profitable, that’s not much we can do about it.

    Try to understand the situation: if they leave the game as is, they will lose players due to boredom. Correcting flaws in existing content is strictly speaking leaving the game as is; it’s definitely not new content. The only way is to develop new stuff, which in your case are seeing as bad.

    It could be the “old vet syndrome” for a 7 year old player; I’ve been playing actively everyday for more than 2 years now but I liked all the expansions so far since Quantum Rise – and I’ve tried all aspects that CCP have thrown at me during all these months.

    Anyways, keep them coming mate, and wish you happy FF.

    • Handdown thanks bro I really appreciate the comment. I guess I feel I have invested so much time and energy to lost of things that I would just like to “know” where it is they are going…

      granted I want to be able to capitalize on the changes and be prepared which is why i get “worked’ up but i was trying to be as honest as I can as i really want to see EvE grow but without guidance What will it grow into?

  8. I have always been more than a little bitter and disillusioned about the decision to incorporate the whole WiS/Incarna aspect into EVE. I am probably then not the best person to submit any kind of unbiased opinion on the focus or direction of CCP, especially where said aspect is concerned. I am more impressed with the improvements to actual, measurable game play.

    Improved PI – great. More/Different missions – fine. Sov. Changes – ok. Ship/Module/Skill balances – excellent. Clothes, cheekbones and housekeeping – not so much.

    I admit I have as many [or more] shoes as the next girl and enjoy fine clothes, looking good and strutting my stuff. But that is not why I pilot a spaceship. I would get more mileage out of being to be put a green pinstripe on my Tengu or a flame paint job on a Rifter than I would get out of an avatar with a couch. Even then, the customised ships would pale in comparison to a good UI overhaul where in I do not need to click 248 times to set permissions on a POS in a wormhole only to find out that two of the titles have conflicting role sets.

    So yeah – I have to say I cannot see the rationale. I am at a loss for explaining Avatars in Space. So I suppose it is better not to ask me what I think.

  9. Yeah, you sound like an bitter old man/vet 😉

    Change is good, dude. Keeps the old stuff interesting. Relax and become further emersed. 😀

    The best part is that CCP doesn't have to explain anything to us, and I don't see why anyone thinks that CCP has an obligation to fill us in on any of their latest developments. If you don't like what they come out with, you can always go do something else.

    I'm excited to have a look at Incarna.

  10. I agree totally. I posted about the same thing this morning before I read your post, so I linked you.

    CCP needs to share some vision with us, even a slight glimmer would be fine.

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